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Finn Ertay

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Name: Finn Ertay
Type: Jedi Knight
Species: Twi’lek
Homeworld: Ryloth
Gender: Female
Died: 19 BBY (981 GC)
Hair Color: —
Eye Color: Blue
Skin: Green

Acrobatics: 4D
Brawling Parry: 5D
Dodge: 6D
Lightsaber: 6D+2
Melee Combat: 5D+1
Melee Parry: 5D+1

Bureaucracy: 3D+1
Cultures: 3D
Languages: 3D+1
Planetary Systems: 4D+1
Scholar: Jedi Lore 4D+2

Astrogation: 4D
Beast Riding: 3D
Communications: 3D
Starfighter Piloting: 4D
Starship Gunnery: 4D+1
Starship Shields: 4D+1

Bargain: 3D+1
Command: 4D+2
Con: 3D
Investigation: 4D+1
Persuasion: 4D+1

Brawling: 4D
Swimming: 3D+1

Computer Programming/Repair: 4D
Lightsaber Repair: 4D+2

Special Abilities:
Tentacles: Twi’leks can use their tentacles to communicate in secret with each other, even if in a room full of individuals. The complex movement of the tentacles is, in a sense, a “secret” language that all Twi’leks are fluent in.

Force Skills: Control: 6D+2, Sense: 7D, Alter: 5D+1

Force Powers:

Control: accelerate healing, concentration, control disease, control pain, enhance attribute, force of will, hibernation trance, reduce injury, remain conscious, remove fatigue

Sense: Combat sense, life detection, life sense, receptive telepathy, sense Force

Alter: Telekinesis

Control and Sense: Farseeing, lightsaber combat, projective telepathy

Control and Alter: Accelerate another’s healing, control another’s disease, control another’s pain

Control, Sense and Alter: Affect mind

Force Sensitive: Y
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10
Move: 10

Equipment: Lightsaber (5D), Jedi Robes, Datapads, Comlink

Background: Finn Ertay was a Twi’lek female who served the Galactic Republic as a Jedi during the Clone Wars. Ertay and a Kajain’sa’Nikto Jedi encountered the Nightbrothers known as Maul and Savage Opress on a spaceport somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories. The two Jedi engaged Maul and Opress in a lightsaber duel, where Ertay was impaled by Maul while attempting to save the life of her comrade, who died shortly afterwards.

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