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Species: Anacondan
Homeworld: Anacon

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Constrict: On a successful brawling skill roll made to grapple, Anacondans can wrap it’s prehensile tail around an opponent. In subsequent rounds, it can inflict its Strength +1D+1 with a constricting attack. An opponent so ensnared can escape, but must do so with an opposed strength roll.
Serpent: Anacondans are serpents, which means they have no limbs for grasping or using technology and must rely on cybernetic limbs for such tasks. Despite this limitation they are intelligent, and capable of performing many tasks with their mouths for grabbing and manipulating tools.
Sharp Teeth: Do STR+1 damage.
Story Factors:
Fearful Appearance: Many species in the galaxy fear snakes, and Anacondan appearance trigger those fears, leading to them being shunned and distrusted across the galaxy.
Move: 12/14
Size: 3-5 meters long

Background: Anacondans were snake-like sentients whose long, tapering, cylindrical bodies could measure up to 4.7 meters in length. Because they lacked limbs, they moved along on the ground with a twisting movement, using their tails to grab hold of objects. Their heads featured a large mouth filled with needle-like teeth and two expressive eyes with lids, but lacked visible ears.

Their scaly skin could be evenly colored or mottled. Known patterns included rusty grey and red and yellow. Their eye colors ranged from yellow to blue.

The Anacondans possessed speech organs that allowed them to speak Galactic Basic Standard without difficulty.

Due to their serpentine nature, Anacondans typically wore cybernetic suits when required but otherwise wore no clothes.

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