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The Clone Wars S02E16 Cat and Mouse

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“A wise leader knows when to follow”

Cat and Mouse
An impenetrable defense! Separatist
ships blockade the resource-rich
planet of Christophsis, trapping
Senator Bail Organa and his relief
effort. Desperate to aid the esteemed
Senator, a Republic task force under
the command of Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker
must break the impasse. But time runs
short for the Senator and the good
citizens of Christophsis….

From the surface of Christophsis, Senator Bail Organa conferences via hologram with Anakin Skywalker and Admiral Wullf Yularen on-board the Star Destroyer Resolute. Separatist forces are on the verge of overrunning his position, and his supplies have all but run out. Skywalker and Yularen desperately try to salvage their own losing battle against the Separatist blockade around Christophsis, but the enemy flagship Invincible under the command of Separatist Admiral Trench bears down on the Republic supply fleet. As Skywalker prepares to charge the flagship, another Republic cruiser, the Negotiator commanded by Obi-Wan Kenobi, emerges from hyperspace behind them. At the insistence of Kenobi and Yularen, Skywalker reluctantly orders a retreat to behind Christophsis’s moon.

Crossing over to Kenobi’s cruiser, Anakin discovers his Master’s new weapon: a prototype stealth ship equipped with a powerful cloaking device. Skywalker is excited by the potential of this ship, but Kenobi insists his new mission is not to engage the Separatist fleet, but to sneak through the blockade and deliver supplies to Senator Organa. Meanwhile, Admiral Yularen, doing some research of his own, recognizes Trench’s emblem on the Separatist ships and joins Anakin as the Jedi is about to depart. He tells him about how Trench has supposedly perished years ago in battle, and convinced that Trench is now in command of the blockade fleet, he joins Anakin as a volunteer advisor.

Meanwhile, Trench, wanting to add pressure to the Republic fleet, dispatches a squad of bombers to attack Organa’s command center. After narrowly avoiding an inadvertent collision with the bombers, and having receiving a message from Obi-Wan regarding Bail’s peril, Anakin decides to attack Trench’s ship directly, hoping to divert Trench’s attention from the planet. The ploy is successful, but Anakin’s attack is thwarted by the Invincible’s thermal shields, and after seeing Anakin in action, Trench surmises that his opponent is a Jedi. He transmits a message over an open frequency, commending Skywalker’s bravery in challenging him, but warning he has faced and beaten ships armed with cloaking devices before.

Skywalker contacts Kenobi, who explains that Trench’s war record confirms his threat. In these previous cases, Trench used tracking torpedoes to destroy the enemy whether or not their ship was cloaked, and Skywalker theorizes that Trench locks the torpedoes onto an enemy ship’s magnetic signature. Sensing a way to use this against him, Skywalker attacks again. This time Trench is able to lock onto the stealth ship’s magnetic signature and fires tracking torpedoes, but is forced to lower his shields to do so. With the torpedoes locked onto them, Skywalker flies straight at the Invincible. Realizing his mistake too late, Trench orders the shields be raised, but their recycling time takes too long for that. As Trench watches in horror, Skywalker flies the stealth ship inches past the Invincible’s bridge, and seconds later the tracking torpedoes slam into the superstructure, destroying the Invincible.

With Trench’s flagship destroyed, Kenobi and Commander Cody launch a new attack on the leaderless Separatist fleet while Anakin and Yularen pilot the stealth ship down to Christophsis to deliver the vital supplies to Organa and his men. Senator Organa gives his gratitude to Skywalker, and Yularen expresses both concern and admiration for Skywalker’s daring, if unorthodox, tactics.


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