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Star Wars Tales of the Empire – S02E03 – “The Path of Hate”

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“The Path of Hate”

The New Republic delegation
The inhabitants of Calodan live under the iron-fisted rule of Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth. Elsbeth’s scout guards and HK-87 assassin droid guard the battlements and roofs. An oblong starship lands in the forest clearing outside Calodan. New Republic Ambassador Nadura exits the gangplank, flanked by four blue-clad New Republic soldiers and a blue astromech droid. Nadura requests that the gates be opened in the name of the New Republic.

The guards permit her entry. She and her soldiers notice the downtrodden expressions of the people. Nadura is greeted by Wing, who recognizes her and asks why she returned. Nadura explained that she had become an Ambassador of the New Republic, which had convened a special assembly to recruit people to go to distant worlds and petition for membership. When Wing expresses ignorance about the new government, Nadura realizes that the people of Calodan are unaware that the Galactic Empire has fallen. Knowing that the guards are watching, Wing whispers that some news reaches Calodan slower than others.

Looking at the impoverished state of the town, Nadura remarks that things have gotten worse since she left. Wing regrets letting Elsbeth take over. When Nadura asks what Magistrate Elsbeth has done, Wing says she has not been seen for a long time, but her guards keep them working night and day. Wing tells her that mercenaries have been visiting Calodan recently. When Nadura says she has her guards, Wing says it won’t be enough. Nadura says she wants to speak with Magistrate Elsbeth, but Wing is pessimistic.

Confronting the Magistrate
Nadura insists on speaking with Elsbeth, believing things have changed in the galaxy. The New Republic delegation and Wing approach the gates to Elsbeth’s residence. The gates open to permit them entry. Inside the inner courtyard, they approach a wooden bridge over a pool of water. Magistrate Elsbeth and one of her droids approach the newcomers. When Elsbeth asks about their business, Nadura explains that she has come on behalf of the New Republic to bring a petition to the New Republic Senate for the planet Corvus to become a member of the world. As Elsbeth gazes down at the fish in the pool, Nadura explains that the New Republic is willing to accept in return for resigning and relinquishing her control over the local systems.

Nadura warns that they will have to arrest her if she doesn’t comply. She asks Elsbeth to leave peacefully. Elsbeth responds by asking Nadura about how she knows what the people want. Elsbeth is familiar with Nadura, recalling that she left several years ago because she did not like working in their factories. Nadura responds that she had no intention of laboring for Elsbeth and her so-called “fair” wages. Nadura criticizes Elsbeth for enslaving the people of Corvus. Elsbeth responds that she cannot stop what has begun, adding that she has a vision and will fulfill her destiny.

Nadura is unwilling to allow that to happen. Elsbeth asks Nadura if she is willing to back up that statement. Wing pleads for peace. Nadura implores Elsbeth to step down willingly and turn herself in. Nadura offers to help Elsbeth get a fair trial and pleads with her not to set the world on fire. Elsbeth counters that her world has been burning since she was a child. She asks why this world should be any different.

The massacre
Following a tense moment, Elsbeth orders her guards to kill Nadura and her delegation. Scout guards shoot two of the New Republic soldiers stationed outside the compound. The other guards fire back, shooting some of Elsbeth’s guards. One of Nadura’s guards stays behind to hold Elsbeth back so that Nadura and the surviving soldiers can escape the compound before the gates close. Elsbeth spares Wing since he serves as a liaison with his people. Nadura tells R8 via comlink to send a distress signal. Scout guards and assassin droids gun down the remaining soldiers. Elsbeth and her guards exit the compound in pursuit of Nadura, who is fleeing through the streets, having lost her guards.

She reaches the gate and runs towards her starship. However, the scout guards fire timed explosives onto the ship’s hull, destroying the vessel. As a display of power, Elsbeth’s scout guards use flamethrowers to destroy the surrounding forest, much to the dismay of the people of Calodan. Addressing the population, Elsbeth claims that she is protecting them. She tells them that they will work night and day as part of an effort to save the galaxy from ruin. Wing approaches the dying Nadura, who tells him to be brave no matter how dark things can be. As the comlink beeps, Nadura reassures Wing that help will come and tells him to do his part, even no matter how small.

Wing hears Bo-Katan Kryze’s voice on the comlink. Before he can answer, Elsbeth destroys the comlink with her beskar spear. She tells Wing nobody will come as two scout guards haul him back to the village.




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