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Name: Calodan
Planet: Corvis
Starport Type: Steller
Traffic: Moderate
Control: Imperial
Docking Areas: Landing Field
Docking Fee: 90 credits per day
Customs: Local
Law Enforcement: Low
Services: Full-Service
Population: 250,000
Points of Interest: Starship Factories

Background: Calodan was the walled capital city of the forest planet Corvus. After the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin helped Bo-Katan Kryze seize weapons from an Imperial cruiser, Kryze told him the former Jedi Ahsoka Tano could be found in the city.

Upon arrival, Djarin and his foundling were escorted by members of the scout guards, Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth’s brigade of faceless enforcers in the city led by the mercenary Lang. Elsbeth tasked Djarin with killing Tano, who had killed several members of the scout guards and who sought the location of Elsbeth’s “master.” Promising her spear of pure beskar to the Mandalorian as payment, Elsbeth provided the bounty hunter with coordinates of the Jedi’s location.

Djarin and Tano, having met in the wilds of Corvus and made a pact regarding the training of the foundling Grogu as a Jedi, liberated the city from Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth and her enforcers. Following this, Wing took up the mantle of leadership, wearing Elsbeth’s cloak.

Appearances: Tales of the Empire, The Mandalorian

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