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Star Wars Tales of the Empire – S02E02 – “The Path of Anger”

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“The Path of Anger”

The episode opens with an Imperial-class Star Destroyer and four smaller Venator-class Star Destroyers approaching Coruscant. Aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer, Morgan Elsbeth promotes her TIE/d “Defender” Multi-Role Starfighter to several Imperial Navy officers, telling them they are more maneuverable, have better fuel consumption, and have better deflector shields. Moff Isdain opines that the costs are astronomical and asks about the feasibility of their production.

Elsbeth replies that her factory base is on Corvus, a planet rich in raw goods and materials. She says that the Corvus system is rich in resources. Isdain declines her proposal, explaining that the Empire is more interested in exploiting these systems’ resources and that they were never interested in her starfighter proposal. Isdain suggests she return to Corvus and prepare for the Galactic Empire’s revival. Elsbeth is disappointed but maintains her resolve.

Meeting with Pellaeon
Shortly after, an Imperial Navy officer named Gilad Pellaeon complimented her work, noticing that she had changed the TIE design’s engine manifold. Elsbeth explains that the interior twin ion engines are inefficient for the amount of power the TIE Defender needs, saying it is simple logic. Elsbeth is concerned that the Empire will steal her designs and resources. Pellaeon responds that he is interested in her knowledge and creativity.

Pellaeon explains that his superiors sent him to these meetings to search for talent. He then asks why Elsbeth wants to land her talents and vision with the Empire. She replies that it is for the Empire’s glory. Pellaeon thanks the Magistrate before leaving.

Grapes of wrath
A starship with a fixed-wing lands in the Corvus settlement of Calodan. Elsbeth exits the starship, where she is met by several villagers, including Wing, who ask about the success of her mission. Elsbeth explains that the meeting did not succeed because the Empire was only interested in their resources rather than bringing them to work and prosperity. Wing confronts Elsbeth about her promise that the Empire would improve things for them. She counters that they were nothing but a rotting backwater world when she found their village. She reminds them that she built their fortifications and strengthened them to run their systems.

An Aqualish grumbles that they let Elsbeth run their lives. He says that they worked for that success. A woman says that she promised them wealth, and they sacrificed for her. When the Aqualish accuses Elsbeth of lying, she counters that everything comes with a cost. HK-87 assassin droids escort Elsbeth to her compound, and the villagers respond with anger and denounce her as a witch.

The test
Later that night, Elsbeth says she is hurt because people have turned on her after what she has done for them. She renounces them as her people, regarding them as ungrateful. Shortly later, Elsbeth and her HK-87 guard are attacked by the Noghri assassin Rukh, who cuts down the droid with his electrostaff. Elsbeth fights back with her beskar spear. The two battle on top of the battlements, but neither side can gain the upper hand.

Below, the villagers watch. A woman suggests calling the guards, but Wing overrules her. Following a prolonged fight, Rukh knocks the spear out of Elsbeth’s hands. Before he can deliver a killing blow, she dodges him and pushes his weapon away. Retrieving her spear, she fights Rukh in a second round and knocks his electrostaff out of her hand. Elsbeth demands to know who sent him to spear point. Rukh maintains a defiant silence.

Thrawn’s offer
Pelleaon arrives and compliments Elsbeth for her combat skills. He apologizes for the theatrics, saying that the Empire wanted to be sure she could handle herself. Pellaeon dismisses Rukh, who departs with a grunt. Elsbeth asks if she is testing him. Pellaeon then leaves but not before ushering his superior, Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn says that Elsbeth is one of the last Nightsisters and is curious about her skills.

Elsbeth offers to display her combat skills. Thrawn says that his interest is based on admiration and ambition. When Elsbeth asks who she is, he introduces himself as Admiral Thrawn. He explains that Pellaeon had informed him about her presentation and how she was upended by Moff Isdain. Elsbeth and Isdain agree that Isdain is short-sighted. Thrawn describes the Empire as a magnificent construct with vulnerabilities. While many of his colleagues think grandly, they overlook small problems that fester into big ones. Thrawn seeks Elsbeth’s help in combating the growing Rebellion.

When Elsbeth complains that the Empire is only interested in exploiting Corvus’s resources, Thrawn agrees that this is short-sighted. While her designs are brilliant, he says they are not cost-effective. Thrawn says that the Empire trades lives for profits, which he predicts will create a weak and disillusioned military. Thrawn says this will lead to a decline. Elsbeth asks why they should care about Imperial decline. Thrawn responds that Elsbeth lied about being motivated by Imperial glory. He says some, like Isdain, are motivated by greed, others by power, and all by ambitions of power.

Thrawn asks Elsbeth why she seeks Imperial favor. Hearing the angry roar of the crowd, Elsbeth says that she is motivated by revenge. She explains that her people experienced genocide years ago, causing their culture and beliefs to fade. Elsbeth says that she seeks power to destroy their enemies, adding that her power gives her strength. She offers this strength to the Empire. Thrawn accepts the offer.

Gazing at the three Star Destroyers hovering above, Elsbeth asks if this is Isdain’s fleet. Thrawn replies this is a portion of her fleet. Wing and the other villagers regard the arrival of the Imperial fleet as a sign of Elsbeth’s victory. Elsbeth smiles as she gazes into the night sky.




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