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Corporate Alliance Attacks Slicer Compound

FAKIR SECTOR NODE – Forces of the Corporate Alliance unleashed volleys of missile-delivered retribution to an industrial espionage training center on a remote asteroid in the Fakir sector. Yirt-4138-Grek-12, a 65-kilometer diameter airless rock, became the grave-site for 25 cybernetically-enhanced data thieves when Corporate Alliance tank droids leveled a clandestine compound funded by unknown parties.

“The compound contained unauthorized cybernetic surgery suites that were churning out vessels and cyborgs that have been slicing into Corporate Alliance data-stores,” said Corporate Alliance Magistrate Passel Argente in a holo-message dispatched to shareholders. “This potential revenue-threat has been neutralized.”

A rash of corporate thievery was discovered in the Fakir sector last month with the arrest of Denlace Sachoore, a 24-year old Corporate Alliance clerk found embezzling data in a cranium-implanted vessel drive. Questioning by Alliance expeditors traced her surgery and training back to the asteroid compound.

In a 7-2 vote, the Alliance Exec board ordered immediate action. Corporate Alliance transports delivered the tank droids 10 kilometers from the compound, which then traveled overland and breached the structure’s pressurization with missile and laser volleys.

Some Republic Senators have gone on record as being concerned with the Alliance’s protection measures, finding their tank droids excessive. On several occasions, Corporate Alliance executives have demonstrated that their tank droids fall within legal boundaries.

“It’s all in the clear, as far as the letter of the law goes,” admits Senator Gopple (Erigorm). “But it couldn’t be more retrograde to the spirit of the law. Since the asteroid was in Alliance space, and clearly in their jurisdiction, though, there’s nothing wrong with what they did, legally speaking.”

“We will do all we can to protect our assets and intellectual properties,” said Argente, concluding his message.

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