Saturday, July 13, 2024

HSSKHOR, TRANDOSHA – Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis arrived today for the first day of the Kashyyyk/Trandosha peace negotiations, though critics of the Jedi were quick to point out that had the delegation arrived four weeks ago, considerable bloodshed would have been averted. Full Story >>

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Outer Rim HoloNet Expansion Delayed
Suspicious Package Closes Sermerian First House
Zorba the Hutt Sentenced to 45 Years

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Senate Approves Transit Tax
The Senate has approved a surtax on passengers traveling via registered starliner, effective immediately. Full Story >>

New Jedi Starfighter Unveiled
In a closed testing range at the Kuat Drive Yards, Jedi and Republic officials were on hand to inspect the performance of the newly modified Delta-7 Aethersprite light interceptor. Full Story >>

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Currency Upheavals Deliver Profits to IBC
Point / Counterpoint: Military Creation Act
Coruscant Eliminated in Galactic Cup Opening Round
Groundquakes Hit Berchest Cities

• On 2:28, we erroneously referred to Deland Tyerell by his former Aleenan racing nickname of “Pabs.” Tyerell has not used that name in several years, and we apologize for the error.
• On 2:21, we reported on the secession of the Bimkall sector from the Republic. Upon further review, that sector does not exist. HoloNet News apologizes for any confusion.

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