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Zorba the Hutt Sentenced to 45 Years

GIRIGARD, KIP – The tiny inhabitants of Kip have dealt a large blow to the Desilijic Hutt clan with the conviction of legitimate businessman Zorba Desilijic Tiure for the illegal removal of ulikuo stones. The gems are valued for aesthetics and industrial applications, but their cultural significance warrants unauthorized mining a crime punishable by lifetime imprisonment.

Prime Justice Doori-Doori sentenced the influential Hutt business leader to 15 Kip years (roughly 45 standard years) imprisonment in the Girigard Subsurface Correctional Facility. Zorba’s lawyer, famed Nimbanel attorney Bequin Fobas attempted to appeal, only to be reminded by the magistrate that Kip has no appeal process.

The Grand Council of Nal Hutta sought extradition of Zorba, so that he could be tried by a council of peers within Hutt Space, but local laws blockaded that legal avenue as well. Third party Republic Judiciaries backed Kip provisions preventing Zorba’s departure.

Not all Hutt potentates were against the trial, as rival Besadii clan leader Aruk the Hutt applauded the verdict. “Zorba has been a shameful pus-filled boil on the glorious Hutt business community, and this sentencing is a heated lancing long overdue. His selfish antics have given an unwarranted criminal taint to the Hutt reputation that can now begin to rebuild with his absence.”

Desilijic clan leaders will abide by the sentence, but have launched their own investigation into the affair, believing Zorba to have been set up by business rivals. “We will respect the findings of the Kip Prime Justice,” said Desilijic leader Jiliac the Hutt, “but it’s our contention that our brother was deliberately misled as to the nature of local customs by parties looking to profit from his absence.”

Zorba’s son Jabba the Hutt, an influential shipping magnate in the Outer Rim, wasted no time seizing Zorba’s properties on Nar Shaddaa, Shaum Hii and Tyne’s Horky in an effort to protect them.

Kip penal security forces have been placed on full alert as breakout attempts were deemed likely by the Prime Justice.

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