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Kashyyyk/Trandoshan Talks to Shaky Start

HSSKHOR, TRANDOSHA – Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis arrived today for the first day of the Kashyyyk/Trandosha peace negotiations, though critics of the Jedi were quick to point out that had the delegation arrived four weeks ago, considerable bloodshed would have been averted.

Caamasi and Alderaanian peace officers, led by Jedi Master Rancisis, arrived at the Trandoshan city of Hsskhor to meet with Kashyyyk Senator Yarua and Trandoshan Speaker-Above-All Hadocrassk.

A long-standing blood-feud between the Wookiees and the Trandoshans have brought their neighboring worlds to the brink of war. In addition to these tensions, Rancisis was to address the long-standing problem of slavery within the Trandoshan borders, and the ongoing Trandoshan petition for representation within the Senate.

Four weeks ago, the assault of a Wookiee passenger shuttle over one of Trandosha’s moons escalated the already tense situation. Wookiee Senator Yarua used his position to blockade trade to Trandosha until the bodies of the 215 Wookiee passengers could be returned to Kashyyyk for proper burial. The Trandoshans refused, blaming the assault on rogue dissidents, and claiming that Yarua had overstepped his authority. They again cited that Wookiee representation of the Kashyyyk system in the Senate has historically been to the detriment of the Trandoshan people.

“Where were the Jedi peace-keepers then?” asked a Wroonian spectator, one of hundreds of cross-species activists of various political-leanings amassed outside the Hsskhor Tally-house Meeting Halls. “If they had considered this a worthwhile effort last month, then 200 Wookiees and 150 Trandoshans would still be alive.” Similar sentiments were expressed on local Kashyyyk newsnets.

If Trandosha is given concessions amounting to Senate recognition, many believe Senator Yarua would remove Kashyyyk from the Senate altogether and join the Separatist movement.

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