Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Dumping Prohibited on PDC3141-02

MID RIM NODE – The discovery of microbial life has halted corporate dumping on planetoid PDC3141-02, but has in turn endangered the crew of the Trade Federation scow, Spotty Conveyor.

The scow, loaded with radioactive waste from Federation factory worlds, left the Inner Rim a week ago, destined for PDC3141-02. During its journey, scientists from the University of Sanbra discovered a strain of native unicellular life on what was presumed to be a lifeless planet. The University was able to get a temporary injunction halting further dumping until its readings can be verified.

The Conveyer arrived in the system to discover it could not deliver its deadly cargo. However, it lacks the fuel necessary to transport a full load back to its Federation ports, and its rad-dampening shielding only has five more days of effectiveness, thus endangering its crew of six.

“This is an outrage! We have been using that planetoid for centuries. Surely one more deposit will not endanger this imagined lifeform. For all those so-called scholars know, we’ve been nurturing the blasted thing!” said Senator Lott Dod in session today. The Trade Federation is currently lobbying to bypass the University’s injunction.

“The discovery of life, any life, is remarkable and opens up a new world of answers to some of our most ancient questions. We are determined to protect lifeform PDC3141-02, for it has as much right to exist as your or I,” said Professor Unigard Lom, the xenobiologist in charge of research.

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