Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Baby Ludi’s Mother to Appear on Essence

PHELAR, ERIADU – Jonava Billane, mother of Baby Ludi, the infant subject of a heated custody dispute with the Jedi Council, will appear on an upcoming episode of Essence, the popular talk show based out of Eriadu. Eriadu network executives will pay for Billane’s transit to the Seswenna sector. “We’re doing a full hour with Jonava,” said Producer Garox Tronten. “We’re not going the microsecond blip route. This is an important story and we want to devote a full hour examining the insides, the outs, the layers, the whole deal. Are the Jedi kidnapping and raising an army of mind-controlled youths? We’ll get to the bottom of it.” The episode will premiere on the 3rd. The previously scheduled interview with Mas Amedda will be rotated to later this year.

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