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People’s Inquest Demand Jedi Budget Reports

JUDICIAL ARCOLOGY, CORUSCANT – The Judicial Department has denied the People’s Inquest demands to reveal budgetary information regarding the Jedi order. The People’s Inquest, a Coruscant-based lobbying group built around enforcing the accountability of the Jedi order, began the formal petition for information following last week’s unveiling of the new Jedi starfighter.
“We, as the tax-payers that subsidize the Judicial Department and the Jedi order have every right to see how those credits are spent. How much is this new fancy toy costing us, the people who are now finding it difficult to clothe and feed our families?” said Inquest leader Thrynka Padaunete through a loud-hailer before a vociferous crowd of supporters gathered at the steps of the Jedi Temple.

Citing security concerns, the Judicial Department denied the request. “Especially in such times, security takes precedent. There are enemies of the Republic that could exploit such information,” Judicial Department Information Director Laddinare Torbin told HoloNet news.

The People’s Inquest, which has set up a temporary camp outside the Jedi Temple last month, will continue its pursuit of information, said Padaunete. Their petition has already garnered “several million” signatures, she told her followers.

The popular movement has been gaining support since Jedi public opinion plummeted following their failure to prevent the Battle of Antar 4.

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