Saturday, September 30, 2023
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225-year Old Man’s Secret? Time Dilation

WOZIN, DELEMEDE – To look at him, you’d swear he wasn’t a day over 35 standard years old, but Bosbit Matarcher’s birth records confirm the unthinkable – he’s 225 years old. His secret? Faulty relativistic shielding. “I got what I thought was a deal on this ship,” says Matarcher, pointing to his antique Delemedian starhopper. “I engaged the jump drive for a trip in outsystem. It took about two hours. When I got out, it was 200 years later.” Matarcher is taking it all in stride. “Well, truth to tell, when I left, home was pretty shoddy and run down, but now Delemede is a thriving place. I can’t wait to get back, but this time I’ll fly transit.”

PT White

I've been involved in creating content for Star Wars The Role Playing Game since 1992 and consider myself a Star Wars Super Fan and knowledge bank for the Star Wars Universe.

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