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M-L4 Seeker Mine

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Model: Galactic Solutions Industries M-L4 seeker mine
Type: Mobile Homing Mine
Scale: Capital
Skill: Sensors 5D, Space Mine Piloting 4D
Stealth Modifiers: +5 To Difficulty
Weight: 1 Tons
Cost: 1000 Credits
Availability: 3, X
Maneuverability: 1D
Space: 4
Body: 1D
Blast Radius: 1/2/3
Damage: 6D/4D/2D
Passive: 20 / 0D
Game Notes: The M-L4 seeker mine uses its propulsion system to increase the chance of hitting a target. When using its propulsion system, this type of mine is easy to detect but is -10 to difficult.

Background: The M-L4 seeker mine was a homing space mine produced by Galactic Solutions Industries during the Galactic War. The M-L4 could detect enemies in a wide area and automatically maneuvered itself to intercept hostile starships before detonating, though the combined chemical and particle payload of the mine was absorbable by shields.

Appearances: Ahsoka

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