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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E12 – “Off the Rails/The Thieves of Tharnaka”

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“Off the Rails”

The train heist
The episode begins with Lys Solay, Nubs, and Kai Brightstar using their Force powers to lift Tenoo tree root logs onto a large hovertrain. Brightstar complains, but Solay explains that Tenoo tree roots are a strong construction material. Brightstar then expresses his excitement about helping people build homes and riding the train to get there. After the klaxon rings, the three Jedi Initiates board the train and enjoy the scenic view of Tenoo’s flora and fauna, which includes winged avians.

Suddenly, they hear movement on the train’s roof and exit the carriage to investigate. They find Taborr Val Dorn and his associates Pord and EB-3 have landed on the train’s automated front carriage. Val Dorn announces that he has come to take the logs back to Yarrum to impress the other pirates. Nubs and Solay voice their objections, but Val Dorn and his gang enter the front carriage. He assigns EB-3 to take over the automated train while he and Pord deal with the Jedi.

Pord attacks Solay and Nubs with his vibro-ax, while Val Dorn faces off against Brightstar with his electrostaff. Val Dorn knocks Brightstar to the ground, and he retreats to the passenger carriage to engage Val Dorn in a lightsaber duel. Meanwhile, Solay and Nubs parry with Pord while EB-3 tinkers with the automated controls.

Brightstar manages to knock Val Dorn’s electrostaff out of his hand, but the pirate retaliates and shoots Brightstar’s lightsaber, using a stinger on his vambrace. The two continue fighting outside the carriage, and Brightstar damages Val Dorn’s vambrace. Val Dorn attempts to strike Brightstar in the head with his electro-staff but instead hits the coupling with his weapon, separating the driver’s carriage from the rest of the train.

Brightstar and Val Dorn are trapped in the second carriage, while Solay, Pord, and Nubs are stuck in the driver’s carriage. Pord tries to reach Val Dorn, and Solay and Nubs try to reach Brightstar, but the driver’s carriage speeds ahead, leaving them stranded.

Left behind, Val Dorn blames Brightstar for their situation, but the young Jedi counters that Val Dorn was trying to steal the train. Val Dorn responds that he was trying to steal the logs and attempts to contact EB-3 and Pord. However, Val Dorn’s communication device has been damaged, and he blames Brightstar for it, believing that he damaged it with his lightsaber. Faced with a difficult situation, Brightstar decides to meditate and focus on the Force.

Val Dorn reacts scornfully and complains that pirates must earn respect, while Jedi automatically have people’s respect. Brightstar counters that stealing isn’t a way of gaining respect. Val Dorn asks Brightstar if he ever gets tired of always following rules and opines that being a pirate means not having to follow the rules. He says that he does whatever he feels like.

While Brightstar meditates, he feels the wind rustling and discovers a floor panel with two red and blue rectangular buttons. Brightstar discovers that these control a lever, allowing them to move the train carriage. He asks Val Dorn for help, and the pirate reluctantly obliges. When Val Dorn states that he hopes to get the logs to his gang faster, Brightstar counters that the logs go to the people who need them. Despite their differences, the boys agree to work together to move the train.

Meanwhile, EB-3 cannot contact Val Dorn but resolves to go back and rescue his leader. Solay disagrees and warns that tampering with the automated computer could cause a train crash. When Nubs asks about Brightstar, Solay reassures him that Kai will find a way to get back to them. EB-3 is determined to access the console, but Solay and Nubs block their path. EB-3 and Pord draw a vibro-lance and vibro-ax, respectively. In response, Solay and Nubs draw their lightsabers.

Working together
On the second carriage, Val Dorn complains that controlling the lever is hard work. Brightstar blames Val Dorn for their situation, calling him selfish. When Brightstar explains that the logs they’re transporting are meant for building people’s homes, Val Dorn is surprised. He tells Brightstar he shouldn’t call him selfish without knowing his reasons. Brightstar counters that Val Dorn is a pirate who takes things that don’t belong to him, which is selfish. Val Dorn says that the Jedi doesn’t know everything and suggests charging up the train carriage to make it go faster.

Val Dorn points to a nearby power station and jumps out of the carriage, causing Brightstar to be frightened. Val Dorn lands safely on a bridge that leads to the station. He mocks Brightstar but loses his footing and nearly falls over the edge. Brightstar uses his Force powers to levitate Val Dorn to safety. Val Dorn reluctantly thanks Brightstar and begins to power up the railway car. However, the sudden surge of energy causes the car to shake violently, endangering the logs. Val Dorn uses his grappling cable to wrap around the logs, securing most of them. However, one of the logs falls off, and Brightstar, on his own, cannot rescue it with his Force powers.

Val Dorn suggests they can afford to lose one log, but Brightstar is determined to bring all the logs to the villagers. Brightstar’s words affect Val Dorn, who uses his grappling cable to abseil down the train track bridge. As Brightstar abseils down with Val Dorn, he questions his assumptions about the young pirate. Val Dorn says that he’s only there for himself. When Brightstar asks him to reconsider his life choices, Val Dorn replies that it’s not that simple and that he has big plans. Brightstar confides that his big plan is to become a Jedi Knight.

Val Dorn replies that maybe he wants to do something great, too. Brightstar suggests that Val Dorn has the potential to do good despite his bad choices in life. He says that the only person stopping him is himself. The two boys work together to retrieve and secure the log. Brightstar thanks Val Dorn for his help. Val Dorn says they’re not out of the woods yet because they must travel twice as fast to catch up with the others. Val Dorn adjusts the receiver coupling and tells Brightstar to press the button when the meter turns green. Val Dorn’s plan works, and the two board the rejuvenated carriage and resume their journey.

As they approach the driver train, Solay and Nubs parry with EB-3 and Pord. The passengers on both trains realize that Kai and Taborr’s train is coming in too fast. EB-3 proposes that the four of them work together on the first train to slow the approaching train. Solay agrees and proposes that she and Nubs use the Force to slow down the second train while EB-3 and Pord use their strength to connect it. Putting their plan into action, Solay and Nubs use the Force to slow down the second train so that Pord and EB-3 can connect their couplings.

Taborr’s choices
The two groups celebrate their victory. However, Val Dorn and his gang quickly betray their friends. Val Dorn attacks Brightstar with his electrostaff while EB-3 and Pord lock Solay and Nubs inside the front carriage. While holding his electrostaff over Brightstar’s head, Val Dorn thanks him for his “help” in obtaining the logs. Brightstar tells Val Dorn that he can choose to do good, sensing that he wants to do good. A conflicted Val Dorn replies that he wants to do what he wants but experiences a sudden change of heart. Deciding the logs are more trouble than they are worth, he spares Brightstar and tells his associates that they are leaving. After releasing Solay and Nubs, the three pirates leave on their repulsorcraft.

The three younglings eventually bring the logs to a village, where the villages begin using them to build buildings. Brightstar discusses his recent encounter with Taborr and his Jedi friends. First, Val Dorn helped him retrieve the locks, and then he decided not to take them. He says that is something that Val Dorn usually needs to do. Nubs and Solay ponder whether there is more to Taborr than they thought. Brightstar agrees before gazing at the train carriages. He and his friends then go to help the villagers. They approach Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna, who waves to them.

“The Thieves of Tharnaka”

Searching for the Story Stone
The Jedi Initiates, Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs, accompanied by the Jedi explorer droid 0G-LC, are on their way to the legendary caves of the planet Tharnaka. As they jump over rocks, 0G-LC is excited to see the caves, while Brightstar is curious about the people who used to live there. Speaking in Poobian, Nubs asks about the history of the Tharnakan people. Solay confirms that the planet flooded long ago, and nobody knows where the Tharnakan people went. Brightstar mentions that the water dried up recently, making looking for the long-lost Tharnakan Story Stone easier.

OG-LC hopes that the stone will shed light on the ancient Tharnakans and believes it will make a valuable addition to the Jedi Archives at the Tenoo Jedi Temple. The group reaches a chasm. While the Jedi younglings can use their Force powers to jump across, OG-LC struggles due to his old age. However, with Brightstar’s help, they successfully cross the chasm. They then approach a cave where OG-LC believes the Story Stone is located. The three Jedi use their lightsabers to illuminate the way. OG-LC is interested in the Tharnakan’s cave dwellings, which reveal humanoid figures.

Treasure thieves
The four explorers stumbled upon the Tharnakan Story Stone, lying on an altar under a blue light. Solay suggested leaving the stone for the Tharnakans in case they returned, but OG-LC reassured her that it would be safer at the Jedi Archives on Tenoo. However, they needed to leave quickly due to an approaching electrical storm. Just as they were about to take the stone, three masked thieves abseiled from the hole above the shrine and stole the Story Stone before fleeing on their speeder bikes. OG-LC fired his grappling hook to follow them, but the thieves were too quick.

The group retreated into a nearby cave to wait out the storm, and while they were huddled together beside their lamp, Brightstar noticed a campfire in a nearby cave. OG-LC remembered that the planet was abandoned, so Solay suggested that the campfire belonged to the thieves who stole the Story Stone. Brightstar suggested they try to catch the thieves before the storm ended. OG-LC was disappointed that the Story Stone wasn’t safe, and he worried they wouldn’t return to their starship before the storm hit.

Reunion with Ace Kallisto
As the four Jedi and droid approach the campfire, they find the thieves arguing. The second thief says that the stone is sacred to his people, while the first thief insists on sticking to their plan. The third thief says they can profit from selling the stone in a Gungan accent. The first thief disagrees, saying they came to get the Story Stone for Ishbul Ekwesh. Nubs dislodge a stone, attracting the attention of the thieves. One of them dismisses it as the sound of thunder, but another thief spots Brightstar’s curly hair behind a rock.

The thief removes her helmet, revealing herself to be Ace Kallisto. When OG-LC asks who she is, Brightstar introduces his friends to Ace. Kallisto explains that she met Brightstar during an earlier adventure with Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna. When Brightstar reminds her that she stole their shuttle, Kallisto quips that she “borrowed” it. Brightstar explains that they were searching for the Story Stone and that OG wants to keep it safe so that the Jedi can learn more about the Tharnakans. When Kallisto questions OG-LC’s motives, Brightstar expresses disbelief that she would steal something so important. Kallisto says that she and her companions were trying to keep the Story Stone safe from the Jedi, whom they thought were trying to steal it.

Kallisto offers to explain the situation and introduces her crew: the Gungan Tooba Jinx and a Tharnakan man named Ishbul Ekwesh. Brightstar and his friends are surprised to learn that Ekwesh is a Tharnakan. OG-LC is amazed to meet a living and breathing Tharnakan, saying that he has many questions. Ekwesh begins telling a story about his people and activates the Story Stone, which glows blue. He uses the Story Stone to illuminate the cave drawings.

Ekwesh explains that his homeworld was once covered in rolling, grassy plains. However, the great floods came, forcing them to leave their world. In their rush, they left behind the Story Stone. The floods kept them from returning. Since the storms have recently begun to fade, Ekwesh explains that his people sent him to retrieve the stone. Kallisto adds that Ishbul asked her to help him. Solay says that they know it is not right to take things that belong to someone else, but they didn’t know that there were any Tharnakans left. She believed they had all disappeared, while OG-LC apologized, saying they were trying to keep it safe. Ekwesh accepts their apology.

Tooba’s betrayal
Kallisto interrupts them, warning them that the storm is passing and that they must return to her ship. However, Jinx steals the Story Stone and escapes on his speeder bike. Before leaving, he tells the others that he plans to make money selling the Story Stone. As he speeds away, Kallisto warns the others that Jinx will escape offworld with the Story Stone aboard her ship. OG-LC fears that the Tharnakan people will never get it back. Nubs speaks in Poobian. Brightstar reassures him that they will work together to stop Tooba.

The two groups converge on Jinx with their speeder bikes. Jinx speeds up and leads them through several rocks. Kallisto, riding with Brightstar and OG-LC, remarks he is fast. Solay rides with Ekwesh and Nubs. She says they are getting closer to Jinx, but Ekwesh says it needs more. With time running out, Solay convinces OG-LC to use his grappling hook to latch onto Jinx’s speeder. OG-LC says he has trouble aiming, but Solay offers to use the Force to help him. When he fires, she and her fellow Jedi use the Force to latch onto the rear of Jinx’s speeder.

Ekwesh slams on the brakes, causing Tooba to fall out of his speeder. Jinx lands on his belly and attempts to flee to Kallisto’s ship with the Story Stone in a pouch. However, Kallisto catches up with him, and she engages in a brawl. Jinx knocks her to the ground and approaches the gangplank. Ekwesh blocks him while OG-LC retrieves the Story Stone. The three Jedi younglings draw their lightsabers. Tooba tries to convince his associates that they could sell the Story Stone and split the fortune. Ekwesh counters that the Story Stone is sacred to his people because it tells their story. He says it is far more important than money while Kalliston handcuffs Tooba. She gives the young Jedi and OG-LC a ride back to their ship.

Old and new friends
OG-LC apologizes afterarriving with the Jedi at their ship. Ekwesh expresses his gratitude for returning the Second Stone to his people. OG-LC acknowledges that his initial mission was to recover the Story Stone, but he is willing to change his priorities after discovering something new. He also expresses excitement at the prospect of making a new Tharnakan friend. Brightstar tells Kallisto that he is happy to see her again and commends her for abandoning her thieving ways. Kallisto responds that maybe she has changed, and Ekwesh promises to tell his people the story of a brave droid, a good friend named “Kallisto,” and the Jedi who helped them return the Story Stone. OG-LC expresses his honor at the prospect of meeting Ekwesh’s people, and Ekwesh accepts.



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