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Species: Gungan
Home Planet: Naboo

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Swimming: Gungans get a permanent +1D bonus to all swimming skill checks.

Good Hearing: Gungans are blessed with a +2 pip bonus to all Perception checks involving their sense of hearing.

Leaping: Gungans have ancestral leaping abilities and can leap vertically or horizontally a distance equal to double his Move rating, but can still fail the skill roll when doing so.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.7-2.1 meters

Background: The Gungans were a sentient amphibious species. They were tall humanoids with a flexible structure and strong leg muscles which allowed them to live in the waters of Naboo. Although Gungans’ lives revolved around water, they did not need it to thrive and could settle far from it.

Born as tadpoles, Gungan infants developed limbs within months of being hatched. Equipped with hardy lungs, they were capable of holding their breath for extended periods of time. Their body produced a mucus with waterproofing properties that assisted them when moving through water and they were capable of spitting it over a distance with great force, even when underwater. Their skeletal structure was extremely flexible, as it was made of cartilaginous material rather than hard bone. The long Gungan face had a tough yet flexible bill for burrowing and rooting out food. Some Gungans, such as Roos Tarpals, had whiskers on their bills. These whiskers were signs of maturity among Gungans. They had long muscular tongues with which they could scoop mollusks and lesser amphibians from the Naboo swamps.[

There were two Gungan races: the lanky Otolla, who sported prominent bills and eyes set on short stalks, and the heavier Ankura, whose eyes were hooded. The Gungan earlobes called haillu, were most prominent in the Otolla. These earlobes displayed their emotions.

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