Saturday, July 20, 2024

Grappling Hook

Type: Typical grappling line
Skill: Thrown weapons
Cost: 70
Availability: 1
Game Notes: +10 modifier to climbing skill checks.

Background: A climbing device used by individuals to scale great heights, mount large objects, or span a distance by swinging across a hazard. Consisting of a long, durable cable and a magnetic or barbed hook, grappling equipment was typically paired with a climbing harness to secure an individual to the cable. Relying on muscle power for operation, hooks could be thrown or secured in advance for ascending or descending purposes.

Emperor Ollie

Emperor Ollie, AKA Oliver Queen & Shooting Wamprats, has published several fan made source books for Star Wars The Roleplaying game including Ahsoka the Novel Sourcebook, Star Wars Rebels Sourcebook Season 1 & 2, The High Republic: A Test of Courage Sourcebook, Splinter of the Mind's Eye Sourcebook and countless others.

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