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Model: Standard Dagger
Type: Melee weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee combat: Dagger
Cost: 25-35
Availability: 1
Difficulty: Very Easy
Damage: STR+1D (maximum: 6D)

Background: Daggers were simple sharp-edged knives used in combat.

Known daggers included the Dagger of Mortis and the Blade of Ochi of Bestoon. The Twi’leks of Ryloth also crafted elegant daggers, used in both combat and as sacred cultural artifacts. The Mandalorians developed a type of dagger called the kal, traditionally wielded alongside a beskad sword.

The Darshi carried a particular type of curved daggers for mostly ceremonial purposes. Each one of unique and individual designs including etchings, length, and complexities. Grand Admiral Mitth’raw’nuruodo speculated the daggers were tokens of honor and family heritage similar the Kalikori of the Twi’leks. The Grysks were known to have subjugated certain Darshi into servitude by stealing and holding these daggers hostage.

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