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The Bad Batch – S03E04 – A Different Approach

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“A Different Approach”

Following the escape from Tantiss Base, Omega and Crosshair flee on their stolen Rho-class transport shuttle through hyperspace. Omega attempts to contact the rest of the Bad Batch, but Crosshair warns that fixing the ship’s damaged engines is more important. With the ship’s stabilizers not working, Crosshair decides they have to land and takes the ship out of hyperspace. The shuttle descends into the atmosphere of a terrestrial planet known as Lau and crashlands in a field near a mountain range.

Omega wants to extract the coordinates for Tantiss to rescue the other clone prisoners, but Crosshair warns that the Galactic Empire will be looking for them. Together with the lurca hound Batcher, they head towards a spaceport a few kilometers east.

Prisoner of Hemlock
At Tantiss Base, Dr. Royce Hemlock informs the imprisoned Nala Se that Omega and Crosshair have escaped the offworld. Nala Se feigns surprise, but Hemlock responds that he knows her attachment to the young clone. He suspects that her earlier samples from Omega never yielded results, yet one tested by Emerie Karr indicated a positive M-count transfer. Nala Se claims the positive result was a false positive for an aberration like Omega. Hemlock hopes to test Omega once she has been recaptured and warns Nala Se that her future is uncertain.

Meanwhile, Omega, Crosshair, and Batcher travel through the grim streets of a local town near Lau Spaceport. When Omega notices the presence of TK troopers and asks if the Empire has been alerted to their presence, Crosshair explains this is a standard presence. Omega wants to send Hunter a message, but Crosshair responds that the Empire monitors long-range comms. He says they will have to try another way.

Crosshair thinks bringing Batcher along is a liability, but Omega disagrees. The two steal local clothes at Omega’s, prompting them to fit in with the locals. Crosshair also comes up with a plan to steal shuttles from the spaceport. At the spaceport, they find that the entrances are heavily guarded. Crosshair wants to remove the guards, but Omega decides to bribe the ticketing agent. The agent offers to sell them two tickets plus free space for Batcher for 30,000 credits. Omega protests, but the ticketing agent responds that the offer is non-negotiable.

While walking through the streets, Omega and Crosshair argue about tactics for getting offworld. Outside a cantina, Omega proposes hustling to earn some credits. A local street urchin watches them from outside. Inside, Omega discusses her hustling plan with Crosshair, who thinks it is foolhardy.

Winning credits
Omega plays a game with a Trandoshan patron. Imperial Captain Mann enters with two stormtroopers and orders drinks from a bartender droid. The bartender droid tells Mann that the newcomer Omega is drawing business today. By that stage, Omega has beaten the Trandoshan in two rounds. Mann tells the Trandoshan to leave and takes his seat. He challenges Omega to a game of balaans.

Meanwhile, two Imperial stormtrooper pilots spot the clones’ stolen shuttle and decide to investigate. Back at the cantina, Captain Mann is unnerved by Batcher and tells Omega to get her out of the room. Omega signals for Crosshair to take the hound outside. Mann notices that Omega and her dad are strangers. Omega claims they are travelers. Mann commends Omega but tells her that victory is imminent for him. However, Omega reveals she has three Eastern Stars up her sleeves. The bartender droid announces the game is over and crowns Omega as the winner.

Mann initially signals to his bodyguards but concedes defeat, allowing Omega to take the 20,000 credits she has won. Before Omega and Crosshair can leave, one of the stormtroopers informs Mann about a crashed shuttle. Mann then attempts to force Omega to forfeit 10,000 credits under the pretext that gambling is illegal on the planet. He threatens them with arrest if they don’t pay. Omega reluctantly gives Mann 10,000 credits, and he departs with his stormtroopers. Omega tells Crosshair they have 35,000 credits left, enough for two tickets on the shuttle and a little extra.

Walking into a trap
Outside the cantina, the two find Batcher is missing. The street urchin offers to help them find the hound in return for 10,000 credits. When Crosshair intimidates him, the boy backs down and lowers the finder’s fee to 5,000 credits. He tells them that the Imperial officer and his troopers snatched the hound and are heading for the cargo docks. The boy then leaves.

Omega wants to head to the cargo docks, which are opposite from the spaceport. Crosshair wants to abandon Batcher, but Omega refuses to abandon the hound. She tells Crosshair to take the credits and says she can find her way offworld. Crosshair considers his next move. Workers load crates containing wild animals at the cargo dock while stormtroopers guard the facility. Crosshair reluctantly agrees to help Omega sneak into the cargo docks surrounded by a high metal fence.

The two locate Batcher’s crate. Omega wants to free the other animals, but Crosshair disagrees. The two are ambushed by Captain Mann, his stormtroopers, and the cargo dock guards. Captain Mann demands that they give back his money as a fine and reveals that he has informed Dr Hemlock about their presence. He reveals he is aware of the crashed shuttle. When Captain Mann demands they hand over the credits, Omega feigns surrender but allows Crosshair to resolve things “his way.”

Fighting back and escape
Following a gun battle, Omega and Crosshair shelter at the control console. Omega releases all caged animals from their pens, including nunas and Void Striders. The stormtroopers and Mann are overwhelmed by the stampeding animals. Crosshair tells Omega to take Batcher and to power up the ship while he deals with the Imperials. Omega and Batcher board the cargo ship and prepare for takeoff. Mann attempts to shoot Crosshair, but the Clone trooper unlocks a rathtar crate. The tentacled monster grabs Mann while Crosshair flees up the gangplank as stormtrooper reinforcements arrive. He also retrieves the money pouch. Omega does a successful takeoff, with a stormtrooper blown away by a blast from the cargo ship’s engines.

After the fugitives depart Lau, Hemlock’s clone commandos search the wrecked shuttle. A Clone commando informs Dr. Hemlock that Omega and Crosshair have escaped on a stolen cargo freighter offworld. Hemlock orders that the ship be tracked and that their operatives be informed. Hemlock wants Omega found.

While traveling through hyperspace, Crosshair warns Omega to ditch the ship because the Empire will be tracking them. Omega agrees and explains she has arranged for Hunter and Wrecker to meet them remotely. Crosshair doubts his former comrades are alive.

They travel to Ryloth’s nearest moon, where the Marauder is waiting. Wrecker hugs Omega and lifts her. Omega is delighted to see him. Wrecker says they traveled the galaxy four times to find her, but Hunter corrects that it was five times. Hunter is pleased to see Omega and walks down the gangplank. He hugs Omega and tells her they have never stopped searching for her. When he asks how she escaped, she tells him she had help. Crosshair exits the starship, causing tension with Hunter and Wrecker.




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