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Species: Nuna
Planet of Origin: Naboo


Special Abilities:
Bite: Does Strength +1 damage
Kick: Does Strength +2 damage

Story Factors:
Allergic Reaction: Rodians and Twi’leks suffer from a potentially lethal allergy to nuna meat. A member of either species who partakes of nuna meat must succeed at a Moderate Strength check. Failure indicates that the character’s throat swells shut, impairing breathing. If not treated with the appropriate anti-toxin, the character will suffocate. Even if the Strength check is successful, the character will be stricken with severe headache and stomach cramps which penalizes all the character’s actions by -1D for twenty hours. If the character is a Force user, any use of Force skills within that period of time receives a -2D penalty. This illness can be cured by administering the appropriate antitoxin.

Move: 5
Size: 0.5 meters tall

Background: Nunas, also known as swamp turkeys were diminutive bipeds that lived in the swamps of the planet Naboo. These birds could not fly and were known for their stupidity, but were also adaptable and easy to care for. Nunas had spread across the galaxy, prized for their meat and eggs. They were omnivores, feeding mostly on plants and, on rare occasions, fish. An average nuna could feed a family of four. Nunas were also used as a ball in nuna-ball. When nunas became angry or intimidated, they could inflate their body to a larger size. Nunas were capable of growing blue and red feathers.

The legs of a nuna could be deep-fried to be food. The species were raised as livestock for consumption by residents of the planet Batuu. Nuna Turkey Jerky, a type of jerky, could be made from the meat of nunas. Alternatively, the meat could also be cooked into roast nuna.

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