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Compass of Skara Nal

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Model: Compass of Skara Nal
Type: Mech Locator and Key
Availability: Very Rare

Game Notes: The compass was required to safely traverse the booby traps protecting the Skara Nal and opening the entryway into the mech.

Background: A compass provided a route to Skara Nal, an ancient superweapon buried in the Kaldar Trinary system. Around 19 BBY, Omega of Clone Force 99 found the compass in a junkyard on the planet Ord Mantell. The pirate and treasure hunter Phee Genoa identified the compass’ purpose, leading her and the “Bad Batch” on a mission for any potential valuables. The compass provided directions to the group after they arrived in the star system, and served as a key within Skara Nal itself.

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