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Name: Roggwart
Planet of Origin: Guiteica
Type: Large predator

Search: tracking 3D+1, sneak 3D

Special Abilities:
Teeth: Large, flesh-tearing teeth do STR+1D+1 damage
Claws: Do STR+1D damage.
Long Forked Tail: The roggwart can use is forked tail to impale a single target up to 4 meters away doing STR+1D damage (treat target as being grappled). At the beginning of its next turn, the creature can slam the target to the ground doing STR+2D damage. It can also perform a tail swipe against targets within 4 meters doing STR damage and propelling targets 1D meters back and to the ground (treat creatures total damage roll as the difficulty number for the target to remain standing).
Thick Hide: +1D to resist damage.
Bite Attack: Does STR+1D damage.
Darkvision: Roggwart’s can see up to 20 meters in total darkness.

Move: 12
Size: 3 meters tall

Background: Large, predatory beasts from the planet Guiteica with curved horns, flesh-tearing fangs, powerful leg muscles, a long tail that could impale attackers, and thick skin. During the Clone Wars, General Grievous kept a cyber-enhanced Roggwart named “Gor” as a pet.

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