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Skara Nal

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Craft: Skara Nal
Type: Ancient Superweapon
Scale: Walker
Length: 36 meters
Skill: Skara Nal
Crew: 0 (craft is fully automated)
Passengers: 5
Cargo Capacity: 300 kilograms
Cover: Full
Maneuverability: 0D
Move: 12; 35 kmh
Body Strength: 8D
Heavy Pulse Laser
Fire Arc: Front
Scale: Capital
Skill: Capital Ship Gunnery
Fire Control: 0D
Space Range: 1-2/5/20
Atmosphere Range: 200-400m/1km/20km
Damage: 6D
Game Note: The Heavy Pulse Laser charges 3D damage every minute, and can only fire when charged to full power. It fires every 120 seconds while in operation.

Background: The Skara Nal was an ancient walker created during the pre-Jedi era by an ancient civilization and kept hidden on an unidentified planet in the Kaldar Trinary system. It resembled a quadrupedal creature bearing a tall neck, and a “head” with four eye-like windows on top. Also mounted on the head was a type of powerful energy weapon right below the eyes that almost resembled a mouth. The walker would activate once the Heart of the Mountain was removed from its protective slot inside its head and would immediately begin firing its weapon indiscriminately against its surroundings. It would then walk at a slow pace around the planet and continue razing it until the Heart was re-inserted in the slot, at which point it would violently be shutdown and destroyed.

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