Bib Fortuna

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Background: Twi’leks are known throughout the galaxy as clever and resourceful, though ruthless, businessmen. Bib Fortuna is no exception. On his homeworld of Ryloth, Fortuna was an ambitious entrepreneur, one of the foremost “clandestine exporters” of the mineral known as ryll.

In other words, he was a spice smuggler. After several years of successful, if unspectacular, freelancing, one of Jabba the Hutt’s agents approached Fortuna with a proposition: Mighty Jabba was looking to get into the spice trade, and he wanted Bib to come work for him as his production and transport agent. Fortuna would make a healthy “commission” on each load of spice he brought in – more than he was making now – and Jabba’s organization would handle distribution of the product.

It was dangerous to work for Jabba. The Hutt had a temper, and did not let mistakes go unpunished. And Fortuna liked being his own boss. However, the money was very, very good indeed, probably more than he could ever make on his own. Letting his greed get the best of him, Fortuna agreed.

Years passed. Fortuna became an important fixture around Jabba’s palace; he made a lot of money; everything was going very well. But then Fortuna had a streak of bad luck: several shipments were intercepted by the Imperial Navy. The whiteskins were vigorously interdicting the illegal transport of spice, and their officers remained frustratingly incorruptible. Fortuna accepted this as part of the cost of doing business, but Jabba was becoming annoyed.

To rectify the problems Fortuna knew would simply keep escalating, the Twi’lek decided to get out of that portion of the business. Instead, he approached Jabba for a more important position in the crime lord’s organization.

Much tothe Twi’lek’s surprise, the Hutt agreed. It seemed Jabba appreciated fawning servants who also had more than a little talent. So what if Fortuna had to wave his head tails and bow constantly. So what if he had to agree with every belch Jabba uttered. It was only business, after all, and Bib Fortuna wanted to make the most of it. He wanted to get ahead.

Jabba promoted Fortuna, making him one of the Hutt’s many lieutenants. With his organizational skills, management experience, and head for business, Fortuna quickly became one of Jabba’s chosen few. In fact, he seemed to be in line for the position of major domo of Jabba’s entire operation. The current major domo, one Naroon Cuthus, was getting old and losing his edge. He was even slipping up during reports to the crime lord. When such signs became apparent, it was only a matter of time before the Hutt retired you – permanently.

Fortuna’s chief competition for Naroon’s spot was Bidlo Kwerve, Bib hated the Corellian pirate, constantly trying to decide what it was about the man that made him so dangerous to Fortuna’s ambitions. It was beyond the Twi’lek, however, much the same way that other Corellian’s talents were. Han Solo, Bidlo Kwerve, and other Corellians haunted the Twi’lek’s thoughts. They were a lucky, annoying race, that was for sure.

As was his practice, Jabba constantly put the two competitors together on projects. The Hutt loved to watch rivals battle it out, and such battles often determined the best man. After all, Jabba reasoned, one day either Kwerve or Fortuna would come out on top, and on that day Jabba would knowwhich of them was best suited to serve at the crime lord’s side.

It is hard to say which of these two criminals actually won out in the battle for Jabba’s favor. True, Bib Fortuna survived to become major domo and is now vying for complete control of the organization Jabba left behind. But Kwerve received an honor that may have been even greater in the crime lord’s demented eyes.

It was Bidlo Kwerve who found the ruined ship that contained the monstrous creature known as the Rancor. But Bib Fortuna followed the Corellian on that day (as was his practice – he liked to keep up on his rival’s activities) and aided him in securing the beast for safe transport.

The two rivals for Jabba’s attention decided to cooperate for the first time in their long association. Neither could handle the Rancor by himself, and even together it was going to be dangerous. So they buried their differences and worked together to get the creature back to Jabba’s palace. Once there, they presented the beast to the Hutt as a birthday gift. They figured that such a present would move both of them higher in the syndicate. They were right.

Jabba showed both men the full measure of his gratitude. Bib Fortuna finally received the promotion he desired as Jabba announced that the Twi’lek would now serve as his chief lieutenant and major domo. Bidlo Kwerve, however, made history. He was given the honor of becoming the Rancor’s first meal in Jabba’s presence. Fortuna was glad that the “greater” reward went to his honored opponent.

On the day that Jabba took Han Solo and his companions out to the 5arlacc’s pit for execution, Bib Fortuna remained behind to keep the palace in order. This was his punishment for allowing the young Jedi into the palace in the first place. Punishments have always seemed to work out for the Twi’lek. In fact, he has always prospered from the lessons he has been taught.

By around 9 ABY, Fortuna had gained control of Jabba’s palace, having amassed servants and slaves of his own, and become an obese crime lord. After the second rescue of Grogu, Boba Fett and Fennec Shand arrived at the palace, killed Fortuna’s guards and released a slave. Fortuna greeted Fett and said he believed the bounty hunter had died, and that he had heard many rumors regarding him. Fett immediately shot Fortuna, killing him and assuming Fortuna’s throne in the palace.

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