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The Bad Batch – S02E06 – Tribe

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Mission to Vanguard Axis
The Bad Batch travel to the space station Vanguard Axis aboard the Marauder with the intent of selling forged chain codes. Since the station has a reputation for smuggling, Hunter tasks Echo and Omega with guarding the ship while the others proceed with their mission. A droid ushers Hunter and the others into a meeting with a droid known as the Axis Leader, who wants to check the authenticity of the chain codes. Tech vouches for his work, but Axis Leader does not trust him and orders his droids to check each one.

Meanwhile, Omega tells Echo that she is uncomfortable about the station. Echo agrees and begins preparing the ship for departure. In the distance, Omega hears a Wookiee roar and departs to investigate. Venturing deeper into the space station, she witnesses two droids beating a young Wookiee with electrostaffs. Omega protests and one of the droids tells her not to interfere with Vanguard Axis business.

This distraction enables the Wookiee to grab one of the droid’s electrostaff and disable it, with Omega shooting the other droid with her energy bow. The Wookiee bows in gratitude and the two flee as more droids arrive to investigate the disturbance. As they hide behind cargo boxes, one of the droids corners Omega but the Wookiee takes it out. The Wookiee searches through a box while Omega asks what he is doing. Echo soon finds Omega. The Wookiee initially regards the former clone trooper a threat until Omega convinces him otherwise. The Wookiee continues his search.

Rescuing the Wookiee
Meanwhile, Axis Leader suspends his negotiations with Hunter and the other clones after receiving reports of a disturbance. Tech believes either Omega or Echo are involved. Echo contacts Hunter for backup. Axis Leader and his droids confront Omega, Echo and the Wookiee, who have formed a barricade with crates. Hunter and the other clones arrive, encircling the droids from behind. Axis tells the clones to leave but Omega is unwilling to let them hurt the Wookiee.

Axis Leader responds that the Wookiee is valuable to their buyer alive. Hunter is opposed to smuggling living beings but the droid leader doesn’t care, claiming that anything can be smuggled for the right price. While Axis Leader is distracted, the Wookiee uses the Force to retrieve his lightsaber from Axis Leader’s belt. The Wookiee draws his lightsaber and attacks the droids, resulting in a fire fight. The Bad Batch help him escape the droids and they flee aboard the Marauder.

Meeting Gungi
After jumping into hyperspace, Omega asks why the Wookiee is sitting alone by the corner. Hunter explains that the Wookiee is probably scared and has been through a lot. Omega offers to share some rations but the Wookiee is distrustful due to his experience with clones during the Great Jedi Purge. Hunter reassures the Wookiee Jedi that they are not like the other clones and did not follow Order 66 or serve the Galactic Empire. With Omega’s encouragement, the Wookiee helps himself to the rations. After Omega introduces himself, Hunter learns that the Wookiee’s name is Gungi.

Tech learns that Gungi was trying to return to his homeworld of Kashyyyk after Order 66 when he was captured by the smuggling droids. Omega suggests that they could help return him to his homeworld. Wrecker agrees, saying that they haven’t travelled to Kashyyyk for a while. Echo warns that the Empire could have established outposts there. Hunter responds that Jedi are not safe anywhere.

The Bad Batch travel to Kashyyyk aboard the Marauder with the intend of bringing Gungi to a village where they believe the Wookiees will shelter him. However, Echo detects smoke and deforestation around that area. Hunter advises Gungi to hide his lightsaber to avoid drawing attention. The clones land their ship in a forest clearing. Omega is awed by the beautiful jungle foliage and scenery. While walking through the jungle, Omega learns that Gungi left Kashyyyk when he was young, only remembering the planet in his dreams.

The clones and Gungi travel through a web and find themselves inside a Kinrath Netcaster nest. Gungi convinces the arachnids that the clones do not pose a threat and to give them passage through their territory. Continuing their journey, they reach a valley ringed by mountains. Based on his telemetry, Tech deduces that the village is nearby. When they reach the village, they discover that the Empire incinerated the entire village with tanks.

The Trandoshan raiders
Gungi grieves over the loss of the Wookiee village. Omega tells Gungi that they also lost their home and promises to help him find his people. While exploring the burnout village, Hunter and Tech discover several Trandoshans armed with Imperial-supplied tanks that turn out to be repurposed Armored Assault Tanks. The Trandoshans also have a Wookiee hostage.

The Trandoshan leader informs Commander Venomor that they have found more carved stones. Venomor orders them to destroy the carved stones. The captive Wookiee protests but is whipped by his Trandoshan captors. An enraged Gungi confronts the Trandoshan invaders with his lightsaber. He strikes down one of the Trandoshans and frees the Wookiee captive. The Bad Batch join the fight. Wrecker takes out two Trandoshans riding a tank while Omega and Gungi join forces to take out the tank driver. Gungi damages the tank’s repulsorlift systems while Hunter knocks out a second tank crew.

Wookiee allies
Following the skirmish, the clones and Gungi work together to stop the flames from spreading by digging ho soil. Later several armed Wookiee warriors arrive on Mylaya steeds. These Wookiees bring the clones and Gungi to their tree village, where they meet the female Wookiee chief Yanna. Hunter explains that they are trying to return Gungi to his family but don’t know which village he is from. Hunter explains that the Bad Batch were former Republic soldiers who don’t support the Empire. He tells Yanna that they came to help Gungi because he is a child who is in trouble.

Meanwhile, Commander Venomor arrives with more Trandoshans and a contingent of clone stormtroopers. After finding lightsaber marks on the damaged tank, they deduce that a Jedi was involved. Venomor tells the Clone officer to delay reporting a Jedi and promises his Trandoshan followers a hundred Wookiee pelts to whoever finds the Jedi.

At Yanna’s village, the Wookiee warrior whom Gungi rescued offers the clones drinks. Echo declines but Wrecker accepts the offer. Omega learns from Hunger that Yanna has agreed to let Gungi stay with them. Hunter also learns that the Empire has been using their Trandoshan allies to strip Kashyyyk’s resources and that many Wookiee villagers have fled deeper into the jungle. Tech reports that Yanna’s scouts have reported a large convoy heading in their direction and translates her message that they should leave. Echo refuses to abandon their Wookiee allies. Hunter tells Gungi that they will stay and help him fight the Imperial and Trandoshan invaders.

The Wookiees pray beneath the roots of a Wroshyr tree. Tech explains that the Wookiees believe that Kashyyyk belongs to the trees and that they are their allies. Hunter says the Wookiees need all the allies they can get. Gungi explains that the trees have a plan.

Jungle skirmish
Later, clone stormtroopers and Trandoshan forces approach the perimeter of Yanna’s village. The Bad Batch ambush them with a detonator. Commander Venomor orders his troops to press on the attack. Wookiee warriors riding Mylaya mounts descend from the trees, ambushing the Imperials and Trandoshans. The Bad Batch and Wookiees seek to drive the invaders towards the Kinrath nest. During the skirmish, several Clone troopers, Trandoshans and Wookiees are gunned down.

Wookiee warriors also jump onto the tanks. Gungi joins the fight, using his lightsaber to damage the cannon of a tank. Realizing that Gungi is a Jedi, Venomor attacks him with a flamethrower, wounding one of his own troops in the process. Gungi lures him deeper into the jungle while other Wookiees draw the attention of the kinrath spiders, who charge out of their nest and overwhelm the Trandoshans and Imperials.

Meanwhile, Venomor pursues Gungi and Omega, using his flamethrower to burn the surrounding jungle foliage in an attempt to lure them out. Gungi manages to ambush Venomor and damages his flamethrower with his lightsaber. Before they can engage in a fight, three Kinrath Netcaster’s attack and capture Venomor, dragging him back to their nest. Omega and Gungi reunite and rejoin the Bad Batch.

Peace for now
The clones and Wookiees then work together to clear Venomor’s fire with shovels. By morning, they have stopped the fire. Back at Yanna’s village, Wrecker and Echo drink liquor with the Wookiee warriors. While Gungi and Omega meditate under a wroshyr tree, Hunter tells Yanna that the two of them are just kids. Yanna responds that the trees celebrate when one of their kind returns and hopes that they will someday find a new path. Hunter hopes this path is far away from war.



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