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The Bad Batch Episode S01E13 Infested

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The gangster

The Havoc Marauder descends into Ord Mantell City, landing in a landing bay following a mission on behalf of Cid. Echo hopes that Cid will pay them well for their last mission. Wrecker is not daunted by the previous mission but Echo grumbles that Cid failed to mention that the drop zone was swarming with gundarks. Tech points out that this is not the first time she has left out key details. While the Bad Batch and Omega walk through the streets of Ord Mantell City, they are noticed by a pair of armored figures.

Returning to Cid’s Parlor, they find it packed with customers. Among the customers are several armored figures. They walk to the counter, passing a pair of Pykes. The Bad Batch are confronted by one of the armored figures, who asks where they are going. Hunter throws the armored enforcer aside. The Bad Batch then force their way into Cid’s office only to discover more of the armored guards. A Devaronian man tells them that is rude to barge into one’s office unannounced.

Hunter counters that this is not his office but the Devaronian begs to differ. Omega is shocked to see him stroking her pet lizard Ruby, who has become his prized pet. When Omega asks what she is doing with her, the Devaronian replies that he paid and Cid delivered. When Hunter asks about Cid, the Devaronian says that Cid is out and that her parlor and Ord Mantell are now here territory. He offers to hire the Bad Batch if they are looking for work. Hunter grimly says they will think about it.

Leaving Cid’s former parlor, Hunter decides that the group should leave Ord Mantell. He tells Tech to prepare the ship while the others will gather supplies. Omega asks about Cid’s fate and well-being. Tech speculates that Cid was eliminated or forced out based on the Devaronian’s tone. Omega is unwilling to abandon Cid. Just then, they hear her voice. Cid says that it is good to see that one of them cares and tells the Bad Batch to come inside her ship.

Aboard her ship, Cid explains that the Devaronian they met was Roland Durand, a former client of hers and the son of crime boss Isa Durand. She explains that Roland is trying to make a name for himself by joining up with the Pyke Syndicate. When Hunter asks what he is doing on Ord Mantell, she explains that the planet is connected to multiple hyperspace routes, making it ideal for smuggling. Since her parlor is right in the middle of the action, Roland saw the value in it and took it.

Cid vows to take back her parlor, telling the Bad Batch that they are in this together because she is “good” at keeping secrets. Tech realizes that she is trying to blackmail them into helping her. Cid agrees this is the case. Omega appeals to the altruistic side of her “dads”, pointing out that Cid helped them when they needed help. Omega points out that Cid needs help and that they can’t walk away. Cid is supportive of Omega’s altruism. Hunter accepts Omega’s reasoning and asks Cid what is her plan.

The tunnels

Later, Cid tells Hunter and the Bad Batch that her sources tell her that a buyer is meeting Roland tonight to acquire a shipment of spice that he is storing in her back office. Tech realizes that Cid wants them to disrupt his supply chain by stealing the shipment and thus sabotaging the deal. Cid agrees with Tech’s description of her plan. She explains that her plan if for Roland to be unable to pay, making him their problem.

Cid leads them into a manhole which leads into Ord Mantell’s old mining tunnels. She leads them to a rail cart, explaining that these rails run underneath the city. She intends to use them to sneak into her parlor to steal the spice. Wrecker thinks they can storm the parlor and fight the guards. Cid replies that nobody can know they are involved. Roland is one thing but she warns that the Pykes are an enemy they would not want to make. She says that they will carts to transport the crates of spice.

Tech warns that the carts are not in the best shape and offers to get the motors operational. Cid disagrees, saying that the motors are too loud and that this is a stealth mission, which the Bad Batch specialize in. She and Cid pilot one of the cards using levers. The other clones follow suit in two more carts. Cid and the clones travel through the tunnels until they reach a gate. She warns them not to make a peep when they pass through those doors since they don’t want to wake the high.

She warns that the caverns have an infestation problem. Wrecker says they are not afraid of a few bugs. Cid counters that it won’t be a problem if they keep their traps shut. Cid gets Wrecker to open the gate, allowing the travelers to continue their journey. This section of the mining tunnels is covered with giant cobwebs. While traveling through this section of the tunnels, Wrecker drops his torch light, which creates noise. Cid is angry but Wrecker says it was an accident. Just then, they hear a loud animalistic cry from a deep pit. Hunter tells them to keep moving.

The spice heist

The Clones and Cid finally reach the end of the tunnel, where there is a ladder that leads to Cid’s office. Tech asks how they will know that Roland is not inside. Cid replies that she has got that covered. Cid activates her comlink. Meanwhile, the Weequay Ketch receives Cid’s signal on his comlink. He walks up and eats what appears to be popcorn, leaving a trail for Ruby to pick up and follow. As Ruby chomps on the final popcorn in the streets, she is kidnapped by Bolo and squeals.

Roland realizes that Ruby is missing and tells his enforcers to find her. They evacuate the store to pursue the kidnappers. Bolo contacts Cid to tell her and the Bad Batch that all is clear. Meanwhile, the Clones emerge in Cid’s parlor through the trapdoor. Upon seeing rodents, Echo grumbles about the conditions, prompting Cid to tell him to maintain silence since Roland won’t be gone for long. Tech confirms the presence of six crates of spice. Wrecker helps his comrades to lower the crates into their rail carts.

Meanwhile, Roland asks where is Ruby but his enforcers say they can’t find her. He orders them to keep looking. Meanwhile, Ketch tells Bolo to keep Ruby, who is in a cage, quiet. However, Ruby bits Ketch, prompting him to drop the cage. Roland and his men hear Ruby’s cries and locate him. Bolo and Ketch are forced to flee through the streets. Roland pats Ruby, who allows the Devaronian to stroke her belly and to carry her. He orders his enforcers to pursue Bolo and Ketch.

Cid warns the Bad Batch that they are out of time and to get the last two crates. Echo rushes to seal the storeroom’s door. Meanwhile, Roland carries Ruby back into the parlor, reassuring his pet he and his men will catch the fugitives and kill them. The clones manage to escape just as Roland reaches the door to the storeroom. Since the lock is not responding, he fires it open. Inside the storeroom, he discovers that his trove of spice has been stolen. Roland finds the trapdoor beneath.

Cid and the clones flee with the stolen spice on the rail carts. Roland’s enforcers pursue the fugitives on powered rail carts. Despite Cid’s orders, the Bad Batch engage Roland’s enforcers in a blaster battle. Hunter jumps onto the lead pursuing cart, disabling it and causing it to crash into the second pursuing cart, causing the enforcers aboard to fall into the tunnels below. Cid is upset because she fears that their actions have awakened the hive.

As Cid and Omega travel deeper into tunnels, Cid hears animalistic cries from below the tunnels. She says that she doesn’t like the sound of this. A swarm of winged irlings ascend up the tunnels, prompting Cid to tell the Bad Batch to power up their carts. The swarm overwhelms a group of Roland’s enforcers, tearing into their flesh. The Bad Batch use their blasters and torches to drive away the winger predators. Despite Cid’s objections, the clones dump the spice and rail carts. They escape out of the tunnel with Wrecker sealing the entrance shut. Omega tries to sound optimistic by saying at least they got rid of the spice.

Trouble with the Pykes

Later, Roland and his enforcers capture Bolo and Ketch. Roland admits that he did not expect Cid to be so bold or foolish. Bolo and Ketch tell Roland that the kidnapping of Ruby and the spice heist was Cid’s idea and that they were not going to hurt Ruby. Roland demands to know where Cid took his spice. Bolo says they don’t know. At that moment, representatives from the Pyke Syndicate arrive and demand their payment.

After ushering Bolo and Ketch out, Roland admits that the spice shipment was stolen. He promises that they will get their money but says that he needs more time. The Pyke delegation’s leader is unmoved, warning that if he cannot deliver as promised he is of no use to them. Roland and his men raise their blasters. Roland tells the Pykes that they will get their money and tells them to return to Oba Diah and wait. The lead Pyke warns Roland Durand that he is out of their depth, warning them to correct his mistake or that he and his entire family will experience true pain.

Meanwhile, Omega asks Cid if her parlor is safe. Cid tells her and the Bad Batch that Bolo and Ketch have reported that the Pykes have already come for Roland. She says that they don’t take kindly to unpaid debts. When she returns to her parlor, she finds several of Roland’s fallen enforcers lying on the floor. Cid thinks that her plan worked better than expected. Just then, a humbled Roland arrives with the Pykes. Roland identifies Cid and the Bad Batch as the ones who stole their shipment of spice.

The Pyke leader confront Cid and the clones over the theft of their shipment of spice. He tells them to return it and in return they will consider the issue resolved. Cid denies they have the spice. The Pyke leader orders his Pyke enforcers to kill them. Hunter offers to help the Pykes recover their spice. The Pyke leader warns that his patience is wearing thin. He tells them to retrieve the spice and demands that they leave Omega behind as a hostage to ensure compliance.

The Bad Batch and even Cid refuse to leave Omega behind and raise their weapons to protect Omega. The Pyke leader warns that this matter is not up for negotiation. Cid speaks to Hunter and the Bad Batch, warning them that if they don’t lower their blasters their will be fatal consequences. She convinces Hunter to let her handle it.

Recovering the spice

Later, Cid walks with the Bad Batch, telling them that they don’t have a choice but that they know where the spice is. She reassures the clones that Omega will be fine with the Pykes. Tech informs the group that the ptero-creatures that they encountered in the cavern were Irlings. He explains that they are nocturnal insects with visual sensitivity to thermal registers. He advises them to strike before nightfall.

Cid proposes that Wrecker and her will rappel down into the cavern to locate the crates. Cid vows to get Omega out of the mess she created. The clones and Cid board the Havoc Marauder and fled towards the cavern opening. Cid and Wrecker use grappling lines to descend into the depths of the cavern. Cid warns Wrecker not to drop it this time. Inside the cavern, Wrecker finds a crate. Cid says she will secure it while he looks for the other crates.

Meanwhile, Omega and Roland wait in Cid’s Parlor. Omega eyes a blaster but Roland warns her not to provoke their captors since the Pykes will kill them. He explains that if her friends don’t return the spice, they will both be dead. He says this is what happens when they meddle in other people’s business. Omega doesn’t see them as being together, pointing out that he was the one who took Cid’s parlor from her. Roland replies that the Durand way is that “you take what you want.” He says that this is a tactic that his mother Isa has perfected.

Omega asks if Roland’s mother is a criminal too. Roland disagrees with her black and white worldview but is embarrassed about how his mother will react to seeing his state. Just then, Ruby runs up to Omega’s lap. Omega strokes her. Seeing Ruby cuddling up to Omega, Roland observes that Ruby doesn’t take a liking too many people. Omega reassures Ruby that they will get out of this.

Meanwhile, Hunt uses a pulley system to lift the first four crates. Echo warns them that it is almost night and that the Irlings are going to wake up. Tech says he is preparing for that possibility. Meanwhile in the cavern, Cid and Wrecker locate and secure the final crate. She tells Hunter to bring them up. As the pulley system brings them up, one of the cables breaks lose and falls into the cavern. Wrecker hopes that the Irlings did not hear it but Cid is pessimistic.

As Cid expected, the Irlings swarm the pair. Wrecker pleads for his comrades to get them out of here. Hunter asks what is going on. Cid warns that the Irlings are upon them. Wrecker shoots at the creatures. At Hunter’s signal, Tech throws a pair of explosives which detonate in the cavern, creating a bright light that scatters the Irlings. This gives enough time for the Havoc Marauder’s pulley system to retrieve Cid, Wrecker and the last spice crate. Cid reassures Wrecker that it was not so bad.


Later, the Bad Batch deliver the stolen spice back to the Pyke Syndicate. The Pyke leader considers the matter between them and the Bad Batch and Cid resolved. He releases Omega and Ruby back to her friends. However, the Pyke leader is not finished with Roland and has his subordinates force him onto a crate. Omega pleads for Roland’s life, saying that the criminal made a mistake. Cid agrees and warns the Pyke leader that killing Roland would provoke a gang war with his mother Isa Durand. She urges him to call it a bad deal and to walk away.

The Pyke leader responds that they do not expect bad deals. Instead of killing Roland, he cuts off one of his horns. Showing mercy to Roland, he warns the Devaronian that their business is finished and not to cross the path of the Pyke Syndicate again. Roland is left humiliated.

Out of kindness, Omega asks him if he is okay. Roland replies that it is a small price to pay. As a consolation, Omega lets him keep Ruby, who has taken a liking to Roland. Hunter stands behind Omega. Out of gratitude, Cid offers to treat the Bad Batch. Wrecker says that the first round is on to him. Cid jokingly warns him not to pull his luck.

Hunter asks Omega why she stuck up for Roland despite all that he did. Omega admits that she doesn’t know and says that Ruby liked Roland. She believes that Roland is not all that bad. Roland walks with Omega as the two join Cid and the others.



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