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The Bad Batch Episode S01E11 Devil’s Deal

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Peace on Ryloth

In Lessu, the capital of Ryloth, a tense crowd waits. Crosshair, observing the crowd, spots Gobi Glie and another one of his freedom fighters arriving, reporting this to Vice Admiral Rampart. Someone in the crowd asks where Senator Orn Free Taa is. Above in the balcony, Admiral Rampart conveys the Galactic Empire’s displeasure that the Twi’leks are troubled by the Imperial presence despite an Imperial refinery which will bring jobs to the citizens. Senator Orn Free Taa claims that the Twi’leks welcome the partnership, and asks Eleni Syndulla if she agrees.

Eleni replies that she will always support what helps Ryloth. Senator Taa turns his attention to General Cham Syndulla, asking if he shares his wife’s outlook. Cham says that after years of fighting, peace is needed. Senator Taa replies that peace comes with prosperity and that this is a new era for Ryloth. Clone Captain Howzer asks General Syndulla if things are alright. Cham says that he should be relieved that the war is over, but admits that change is not easy. He hopes that his people will embrace this peace. Howzer reassures him that Ryloth is safe and that this is what he fought for.

Senator Taa addresses the Twi’lek crowd, saying that that the new Imperial refinery will bring stability and growth to Ryloth again. He urges all Twi’leks to step down from their military posts and enjoy their hard-fought freedom. The crowd begins grumbling as Senator Taa explains that the Empire has offered its clone army to protect and defend them. A blue-skinned Twi’lek woman shouts that they want General Syndulla, which distresses the Imperials and Senator Taa.

At the urging of the crowd, Cham moves to speak, saying he understand their uneasiness. Cham says that the one thing they have done as a people is to stand together to defend Ryloth. When the Clone Wars began and the Galactic Republic was losing, they were on their own. Cham speaks of how the Grand Army of the Republic came to their aid in their hour of need, and Howzer moves up to stand next to him as Cham says that they would not be here if not for the clone army. He emphasizes that they fought with the Twi’leks and for them, saying that he trusts the clones as he always has. Since the war has ended, he urges them to lay down their weapons and focus on Ryloth’s future.

The crowd cheers and begins dispersing. Senator Taa walks away. Admiral Rampart speaks with Eleni, saying that it is a shame that her daughter was not here to share in this. Eleni explains that her daughter has other interests. She looks over the horizon, uncomfortable.

Spying on the refinery

Elsewhere on Ryloth, Hera Syndulla and her astromech droid Chopper spy on the Imperial refinery, which is in an off-limits area. Hera says that she overheard her father say that this is only the first location. Chopper mumbles in binary. Hera says that they cannot go because Uncle Gobi told them to stay and gather intelligence. Chopper grumbles and turns to face Hera, who watches the birds and daydreams of flying. She lies on the ground and imagines flying. The two are soon discovered by a pair of clone troopers, prompting Hera to chide him.

Later, Twi’leks hand their weapons to clone troopers at the Syndulla residence. Watching over a balcony, Gobi tells Eleni that clones should not be the ones defending Ryloth. Eleni replies that Cham knows that the people are tired of fighting and that they can’t go on as they have been. Gobi disagrees, saying that turning over their weapons has made them defenseless and he refuses to accept that. Gobi tells Eleni that he has already reached out to his contact to send more weapons.

Just then, Captain Howzer brings Hera and Chopper back to the compound. Eleni asks what has happened. Howzer tells Cham that Hera and Chopper were found inside a restricted zone. Hera tells her stern-looking father that they were just exploring. Howzer says that he is in a tough spot since things are a little tense at the moment. He says he won’t report the incident with Hera and Chopper, but warns that it cannot happen again. Cham reassures him that it won’t.

After the clone troopers have left, Cham asks Hera what she was doing out there. Hera tells her father she already told him. When he demands the truth, Gobi explains that he sent her. Eleni sends Hera and Chopper inside while Gobi and Cham talk. While walking with her mother, Hera grumbles that this is not fair and that she and Chopper did nothing wrong. Eleni says that the Imperial refinery is off-limits and reminds Hera that she knows that. Hera replies that she never said they were at the refinery. Eleni says that she has her ways too and asks her daughter what she saw, telling her to leave nothing out.

Cham is furious with Gobi for involving his daughter in espionage. Gobi disagrees and suggests that the Empire is hiding something. Cham says that he doesn’t want his daughter to be put in the middle of a delicate situation. Gobi says that the clones were supposed to leave Ryloth when the Clone Wars ended, and that he will not stand by as more arrive each day. Cham reminds him that they agreed to disband when the time came, asking what the point of fighting was if they cannot accept peace. Gobi tells Cham that they have been friends for a long time, and warns Cham that the Imperials are up to something but that he doesn’t want to see it.

Building an arsenal

Later, Gobi and Serin prepares to leave for a supply run on a freighter. Hera is unable to go because her father doesn’t want her to do anymore spying. After Gobi mentions that he was going to let her fly, Hera changes her mind and tells Chopper to cover for her. Chopper beeps in Binary before circling away. Unknown to the Twi’leks, they are being watched by Crosshair, who first a homing beacon onto their ship. He tells his superiors via comlink that Glie’s ship is being tagged but that he is not alone.

Hera flies Gobi’s ship into space, demonstrating her flying skills. Gobi is impressed by Hera’s flying skills but doesn’t allow her to handle the ship’s landing. Serin instead lands the ship on Ryloth’s nearest moon, a rocky planetoid. After landing, Hera asks Gobi what supplies they are fetching. Gobi reveals that they are picking up a shipment of weapons.

Shortly later, the Havoc Marauder lands on the moon. The Bad Batch including Hunter, Wrecker, Echo and Tech disembark from the ship with a box of weapons. Omega follows and watches from the gangplank. Hunter tells Gobi that Cid sent them while Tech adds that they have brought a ship of three dozen blasters and a case of thermal detonators. Gobi asks to see them and Wrecker brings the crate.

Meanwhile, Hera walks towards the Havoc Marauder, taking an interest in the Omicron-class attack shuttle. She asks Omega if she can have a tour of the ship. With Hunter’s permission, Omega agrees to give Hera a tour of the ship but warns her not to do any “funny business.” Omega says that she will be watching her. Hera obliges and lets Omega show her around the Havoc Marauder. Aboard the ship, Omega shows Hera the sensor array, deflector shield, navigation readout and the hyperdrive.

Hera asks Omega if she can fly. Omega explains that Tech won’t let her training until she can recite all of the ship’s specifications from memory. Hera remarks that specs are only half of it and that fly is about a feeling. When Omega asks what she means, Hera says that when she closes her eyes and picture herself up there, she feels it. Hera explains that the instruments guide her but that she plots her course freely. Omega asks if Hera is a pilot. Hera says not yet but hopefully one day.

Omega then shows Hera her favorite part of the ship, which is her bunk in the gunner’s mount. Hera is amazed that Omega gets to live on her ship. Omega explains that the gunner’s mount doubles as her bedroom when they are not being chased. When Hera asks if Omega and her guardians are in trouble, Omega replies that she thought that Hera and her people were in trouble. Omega asks isn’t that why they are here.

Outside, Gobi tells the Bad Batch to request more weapons from Cid. Hunter warns that building an arsenal attracts attention and warns Gobi that he better know what he is getting into. Gobi replies that they don’t have a choice. Gobi tells Hera that they are leaving as he and Serin depart with the weapons. Hera thanks Omega for the tour and Omega says she is welcome. When Hunter asks Omega if she has made a new friend. Omega says that she is kind of strange but that she likes her. When Omega says that Hera likened flying to a feeling, Tech is perplexed. As Gobi’s freighter departs, the Bad Batch return to their ship.

Caught by the Empire

Returning into Ryloth, Gobi’s ship flies through a canyon. Inside the cockpit, Hera asks Gobi if he can teach her how to handle takeoffs and landings. Gobi remarks that she is persistent. Serin reports that their sensors are picking up an Imperial ship. Crosshair shoots one of Gobi’s ship’s engines, causing it to crash at the base of the canyon. Crosshair orders his troops to move in.

An Imperial LAAT/i gunship lands near Gobi’s ship, dispatching several clone troopers. Hera asks what they should do. Imperial troops quickly take them into custody. Shortly later, Vice Admiral Rampart arrives with Senator Taa. Crosshair informs them that the three Twi’leks were caught smuggling weapons onto the planet. Rampart speaks to Hera, telling her that he finds her involvement in the matter to be most distressing. Senator Taa uses Hera’s presence among the insurgents to claim that Cham is plotting an uprising against the Empire.

Hera says this is not true but Taa claims that her presence is enough to implicate him. Vice Admiral Rampart disagrees, saying that the public will not see it that way. He reminds Taa that Cham has influence over the people of Ryloth. He emphasizes that the fact remains that Cham has not committed a crime yet. However, Hera has. Captain Howzer says that Hera is only a child. Senator Taa counters that Hera is an insurgent and orders the clone troopers to take them away. The Twi’leks comply with their Imperial captors.

Crosshair tells Rampart that he is clocking three of Gobi’s insurgents on the mountain ridge and requests permission to deal with them. Rampart says no and tells Crosshair to allow the insurgents to report back. However, he tells Crosshair to get into position. Two Twi’lek insurgents spot the arrest with their macrobinoculars and decide to report back to General Syndulla.

Later, General Syndulla is horrified by the news. Eleni says that they must speak to Senator Taa immediately. Chopper arrives and speaks in Binary. Eleni is shocked to learn that Gobi, Serin, and Hera have been found guilty of treason even though they have not been tried yet. General Syndulla says that Senator Taa will see that they will never get one. He decides that they must intercept the convoy before it reaches the capital. Chopper speaks in binary. The female Twi’lek says that the prisoners are in the western outskirts and Sector 3. Chopper leaves with Eleni and Cham.

Intercepting the transport

Hera and the other prisoners are transported inside the hold of a Juggernaut. The Syndullas and Chopper rendezvous with the Twi’lek insurgent. With the juggernaut heading for the narrows, General Syndulla says that they have to get before it before them. Eleni tells Chopper to stay here and wait for her signals before riding away with the other Twi’lek fighters on Blurrgs.

Riding on blurrgs above the canyon, Cham takes out a clone trooper riding a BARC speeder. He then takes out a second clone trooper, knocking him off his BARC speeder. Inside the juggernaut, Vice Admiral Rampart and Senator Taa receive news of the insurgent attack. Senator Taa orders the clone troopers to attack. Captain Howzer complies. With the escort riders distracted, a red-skinned Twi’lek insurgent infiltrates the juggernaut through a turret and stuns a few crew members.

Meanwhile, Cham leads two BARC speeder riders into a narrow corner of the canyon where a Twi’lek takes them out. Inside the juggernaut, Hera hears the sound of blaster bolts. Vice Admiral Rampart asks where are the reinforcements while the red-skinned Twi’lek jams their comms. Captain Howzer realizes that their coms have been cut. Seantor Taa asks what they should do now. Outside, the two remaining BARC speeder riders split up. Eleni shoots one of them down and Cham stuns the clone trooper.

Meanwhile, the red skinned Twi’lek insurgent brings the juggernaut to a halt. Cham and Hera plant detonator on the vehicle. Senator Taa orders the remaining clone troopers to hold out. However, the more pragmatic Vice Admiral Rampart tells Captain Howzer to order his men to surrender. Senator Taa is horrified but Rampart says that he is keeping them alive. General Syndulla and Eleni soon enter the juggernaut’s hold. Hera is delighted to see her parents.

The Twi’lek insurgents Hera, Glie, and Serin while holding the Imperials and Senator Taa at gunpoint. Hera speaks with her mother Eleni, asking what her father Cham is going to do since Taa will not let this go. Eleni says let them worry about that. Shortly later, Chopper arrives in a landspeeder and picks up Hera. General Syndulla confronts Senator Taa, who denounces him for attacking his convoy and labels them all traitors. Cham is angry with Taa for threatening his daughter and accusing her of treason. He denounces Taa for putting his greed and self-interest over Ryloth, and condemns him as the true traitor.

Cham points his plaster at Taa, who pleads for Rampart and Howzer to intervene. Rampart appears to be unsympathetic towards Taa, saying that Cham is the one holding the blaster. Captain Howzer tries to reason with Cham. Eleni speaks to her husband, telling him that Taa’s time will come but not this way. Hera watches her parents. Rampart thanks Senator Taa for playing his part before nodding his head. This turns out to be a signal to Crosshair, who is scoped in on the outside of the canyon.

Crosshair shoots one of Taa’s lekkus. Just the, several Imperial reinforcements arrive in LAAT gunships. Eleni tells Chopper to get Hera out of here. Hera and Chopper manage to escape but Cham, Eleni, Glie, and Serin are all captured by Imperial clone troopers. Vice Admiral Rampart arrests General Syndulla and his insurgents for the attempted assassination of Orn Free Taa. The insurgents are handcuffed while Taa is wheeled away on a stretcher. Howzer speaks with Rampart, ordering him to assemble forces to find Hera. As the LAAT gunships fly away, Hera watches sadly in the landspeeder while Chopper drives away.


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