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The Bad Batch – S03E13 – Into the Breach

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“Into the Breach”

Captives of the Empire
The episode opens with a landscape shot of Tantiss Base. A hovering Imperial nanny droid enters the red screening area leading to the Tantiss vault, flanked by several Imperial scientists and Clone commandos. The nanny droid slots a datapad into a wall slot, which activates a bell alarm system. As bells silently chime, Omega and the other Force-sensitive children climb out of their bunks and head to the tables in the center of the white vault. Omega gazes at the scientists and staff in the observation decks above.

Omega introduces herself to the Iktotchi, who introduces herself as Eva. Eva explains to Omega that the Imperials want them to play a hologram game. When Omega notices that Eva has a Tooka doll, Eva explains that Dr. Emerie Karr gave it to her, adding that she is the only nice one. When Omega asks if the adults above are always watching, the Mirialan Jax confirms this. Eva introduces the other children, Jax, the Pantoran Sami, and the Tarlafar toddler Bayrn.

When Omega asks how long they have been here, Sami says that the Imperials don’t like them to talk among themselves too much. Jax warns that if they cause trouble, things only get worse. Jax motions to Sami to follow him. Before leaving, Sami reassures Omega that she will get used to it.

Mission briefing
On the gas-covered world of Bora Vio, Edmon Rampart asks Hunter what they are doing at such a “blasted” place. When Hunter threatens to send him back to the Imperial labor camp, Rampart reminds him of their bargain. Hunter counters that Rampart will only be freed when they get the exact coordinates to Tantiss Base. Shortly later, Echo arrives on a stolen Rho-class transport shuttle.

Echo explains that he stole the shuttle to reach them and adds that the supplies they need are aboard. Echo doesn’t trust Rampart. Hunter responds that he is their best shot at finding Omega. The clones and Rampart board the shuttle. When Wrecker interrogates Rampart aboard the shuttle, the former Vice Admiral reiterates that Dr Royce Hemlock keeps Tantiss Base a secret. Any ship there must first dock at Imperial Station 003, which orbits Coruscant. There, the coordinates are transmitted directly to the Navigation computer.

Echo confirms that Imperial Station 003 exists but cannot verify the rest of the story. Rampart denies he is lying. Studying a hologram of the station, Hunter proposes traveling to the station, finding a ship departing for Tantiss, and pulling its coordinates. When Crosshair says they will need Imperial clearance codes, Echo says he has covered that. Rampart warns that those codes change every rotation, prompting Hunter to say they will leave for Coruscant soon.

When Rampart says they cannot simply walk into an Imperial station in their present forms, Crosshair and Hunter reveal that their plan involves Rampart disguising himself as an Imperial officer. In contrast, the clones disguise themselves as his security detail. Rampart is reluctant to impersonate a Captain, considering it too lowly a station. Echo responds that he has been demoted, prompting Rampart to say he hates clones.

Omega’s plan
Back at Tantiss Base, Dr. Karr prepares to extract a blood sample from Omega. When Omega asks the other children where she came from, Karr admits she doesn’t know but insists they are well looked after. Omega says that she would like to believe her while the Tantiss medical droid collects a test tube containing her blood and deposits it into a dumbwaiter system in the wall. While Karr is distracted, Omega steals a small metal tool and hides it in her sleeve.

Omega mingles with the other children in the table area of the vault. In the observation deck, Dr. Scalder objects to letting Omega mingle with the other children. Karr counters that the children are engaging in activities designed to keep their minds active and reassures her colleague that they have them under constant observation. When Scalder remarks that Omega did not stop her from escaping previously, Karr asserts her authority as Chief Scientist and says she will run the vault as she sees fit.

While playing with blocks and cubes with the other inmates, Omega asks the other children about the movement of droids and troopers. Eva says that the droids come twice daily to check their vitals after meals, while Jax says that the troopers are only sent into the vault when they cause trouble. Eva says that Jax tried to escape but did not get far. Jax says there is no way out of here, and they never get home. Omega tells them she escaped Mount Tantiss before, adding that she had training and help. She says she is doing it again and promises to take them.

Omega uses blocks to show the layout of the vault. She explains that walls surround their circular prison, but the droids use tubes in the walls to transport their samples. She says that she needs to get inside to see where they go. Jax responds that only the droids can access those hatches. Omega says she can open them but must do it unseen. When Eva warns that it won’t take them too long to notice she is missing, she replies that she likes the challenge.

As the shuttle approaches Imperial Station 003, Rampart reluctantly dons a Captain’s uniform while the clones disguise themselves as Imperial commandos. The technician requests their identification. Echo says they are transported by shuttle Alpha-44 and transmitting their landing codes. The technician gives them clearance to land at Docking Bay 5-02. After terminating communications, Hunter warns that they must act fast since their shuttle will be reported missing soon. Rampart demands an assurance they will release him if their mission succeeds. Crosshair responds that they must trust each other, while Wrecker warns him not to mess things up.

Rampart says he can blend in while remaking the clones will stand out like overheated Gamorreans. Before disembarking, Hunter reminds Rampart that the Empire betrayed and imprisoned him while they freed him. He warns Rampart not to betray them. Rampart says let’s get this over with. Hunter assigns Wrecker to stay aboard the vessel to monitor comms.

Outside, a bearded Imperial officer confronts the group, saying their shuttle is not on the docking manifest for today. He notices that the clones’ armor is not regular and asks what division they are from. Rampart says that the soldiers are from his division, and his orders are classified. He tells the Lieutenant to check with Governor Wilhuff Tarkin if he doubts his story. The Lieutenant backs down and apologizes. Rampart says he missed this and leads the Bad Batch and Echo inside.

In a corridor, they see several TK stormtroopers walking past. They also walk past an MSE series mouse droid and another droid. They approach the control room, which is guarded by two stormtroopers. Rampart convinces them to report to the barracks for further orders by threatening to send them to the brig for violating Article 15 of Imperial Standing Order 10.

Rampart requests the station’s manifest from an Imperial weapons technician inside the control room. When the technician requests his access card, Hunter stuns him. Echo uses his cybernetic scomp link to access a computer. Back at the hangar, the Lieutenant confronts Wrecker about an inconsistency in the shuttle’s manifest and asks him to verify his ship’s signature key. Wrecker leads him inside the shuttle’s cargo hood and knocks him out.

Plans in motion
While Echo accesses the computer, Wrecker updates the clones about the Imperial lieutenant via comlink. Hunter tells him to be ready to take off. Echo learns that a science vessel docked in Bay 8 is scheduled to depart for Tantiss soon. When Hunter suggests getting to the navicomputer and pulling the coordinates, Echo responds that the vessel is tagged for direct uplink after it launches. Crosshair says there is no way of pulling the coordinates and questioning Rampart if he knowingly withheld this information. Rampart says that he isn’t interested in such technical details.

When Hunter proposes boarding the science vessel to reach Omega on Tantiss, Rampart points out that science vessels have heightened security protocols. Echo volunteers to infiltrate the ship. Hunter tells him to disable the proximity sensors once he is aboard. Hunter says they will attach their shuttle to the hull and hitch a ride to Tantiss. Rampart protests that this is not the plan he agreed to. Crosshair counters that plans change, and Hunter orders them to go on radio silence.

Back at Tantiss Base, Sami plays with Bayrn. After the droid leaves, Omega heads back to her room. Scalder notices her movement and walks down to investigate. She uses her tool to remove some blocks leading to the dumbwaiter. Scalder enters the vault, but Omega manages to hide her handiwork. She returns to the table and tells the other children her escape plan is working.

At the Imperial space station, Echo enters the Imperial science vessel’s hangar. Stormtroopers board the vessel while astromech droids enter the ship via a suction tube. Echo enters the ship via the suction tube. At the helm of the science vessel, the ship captain orders his crew to initiate the launch sequence. Meanwhile, the other clones and Rampart return to their shuttle while Wrecker removes the unconscious lieutenant. Echo contacts them, and Hunter tells him to disable the proximity sensors. The stolen shuttle tails the science vessel.

The science vessel’s captain is informed by his crew about unusual droid activity in the vessel’s rear. The clones and Rampart wait for Echo to disable the proximity sensors. Echo stuns a stormtrooper who was sent to check the droid compartment. He gives the captain the go-ahead. Rampart wants to abort the mission, but Hunter is determined to proceed. While Crosshair and Wrecker restrain Rampart, Hunter takes control. Echo disables the proximity sensors, giving the other clones enough time to attach the shuttle to the science vessel before the latter jumps into hyperspace.




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