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Kanan Jarrus’ Lightsaber

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Model: Kanan Jarrus’ Lightsaber
Type: Melee weapon
Scale: Character
Cost: Not Available For Sale
Availability: 4, X
Difficulty: Difficult
Damage: 5D (see notes)

Game Notes: If an attacking character misses the difficulty number by more than 10 points (the base difficulty; not their opponent’s parry total), the character has injured himself with the lightsaber. Apply normal damage to the character wielding the lightsaber.

Background: Kanan Jarrus’ lightsaber was the personal blue-bladed two-piece lightsaber of Kanan Jarrus, a Padawan who survived the destruction of the Jedi Order and eventually served in the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire.

The lightsaber built by Kanan Jarrus, then known as Caleb Dume, had a blade length adjustment control. After constructing the weapon, his Jedi Master, Depa Billaba, and droid Professor Huyang were curious about its characteristics but contented themselves with accepting the Force’s advice.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Jarrus kept this lightsaber hidden. Rather than hang it on his belt by the ring, which would easily identify him as a Jedi, Jarrus stored it directly on his belt as two separate pieces, with the main body and grip of the hilt at the small of his back and the emitter shroud on his left side. Jarrus merely needed to insert the emitter section into the main body and twist it to lock them together. The lightsaber also had a low-power setting to avoid injuring sparring partners during practice. In this setting, the blade had a different shade of blue, and the weapon vibrated at a slightly higher pitch.

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