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Cam Droid

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Type: Cam Droid
Degree: Second Degree
Class: Cam Droid
Sensor Color: Black
Plating Color: Gold
Gender: None
Personality Module: Simple


Bureaucracy: Government proceedings 4D

Search 4D

Equipped With:

• Repulsorlift engine
• Transmission antenna
• Multiple video receivers (holographic, telescopic, infrared)

Special Abilities:

Move: 15
Height: 20 CM
Cost: 1,500
Availability: 1,3

Background: Cam droids, called hovercams and holocam droids, were repulsorlift droids used as self-motivated recording devices. Such droids constantly recorded the proceedings of the Galactic Republic’s Senate. The Hologlide J57 was a model of cam droid used on the planet Tatooine to record the Boonta Eve Classic podracing event. Cam droids equipped with holocams were known as holocam droids, and were used in the New Republic Senate. Cam droids were used during grav-ball matches on Lothal.

During or after 34 ABY, CAM was a cam droid member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts alongside the Safari droid SF-R3. They traveled the galaxy in a starship and learned about several wildlife species. CAM broadcast footage of SF-R3’s interactions with creatures across the HoloNet and returned their findings to the Society. Another cam droid affiliated with the Society was CAM-E, stationed on the Youngling Care Space Station alongside the Safari droid M1-RE, also known as Miree. CAM-E recorded Miree as she cared for and studied several species of younglings, and CAM-E broadcasted footage across the Holonet.

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