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Bell Zettifar’s Lightsaber

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Model: Bell Zettifar’s Lightsaber
Type: Melee weapon
Scale: Character
Cost: Not Available For Sale
Availability: 4, X
Difficulty: Difficult
Damage: 5D (see notes)

Game Notes: If an attacking character misses the difficulty number by more than 10 points (the base difficulty, not their opponent’s parry total), the character has injured himself with the lightsaber. Apply normal damage to the character wielding the lightsaber.

Background: During the High Republic Era, Jedi Padawan Bell Zettifar utilized a green-bladed lightsaber. Bell Zettifar used his lightsaber sometime during the emergencies on Elphrona to defend himself and others during a raid on the planet perpetrated by the Nihil.

Months after the attack on Elphrona, Zettifar used his lightsaber on Valo during a Nihil attack during the Republic Fair being held on the planet to save some trapped civilians from drowning on the Innovator, which was sinking due to the attack. Later, he used his lightsaber to cut some fallen debris, allowing a shuttle carrying Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh’s son, Kitrep Soh, to leave the submerged ship. As Zettifar held onto the shuttle’s hull as it left the hangar, he lost hold of his lightsaber, leaving it submerged inside the Innovator.

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