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Species: Dianoga
Type: Omnivorous Cephalopod
Planet of Origin: Vodran


Special abilities:
Color: Can change color to match surroundings (+4D to sneak)
Tentacles: Target must make opposed Strength roll to escape and not be dragged along.

Move: 3

Background: Dianoga were large omnivorous cephalopods that hailed from the planet Vodran in the Si’Klaata Cluster. Although primitive, they were actually sentient, and some dianoga were sensitive to the Force.

Dianoga were sentient cephalopods characterized by seven suckered tentacles, an eyestalk, a mouth of sharp teeth, and several hearts. They could grow to a length of 7 to 10 meters. Their blood had a blue tint.

Although they could survive in the open air for short periods of time, dianoga were entirely dependent on water, lest they completely dried out.

While physically hermaphroditic, dianoga could choose to identify as female, diangous (the most common gender), or male. The mating process involved partners exchanging eggs with one another.

The normal skin color of a mature individual was a deep purple, but dianoga could change their color and patterns for active camouflage. They could notably turn black, gray, and even transparent. They also had the ability to regenerate lost limbs.

Dianoga were omnivores, feeding on smaller animals like fish and crabs, but also feed on bones and aquatic plants.

Dianoga had a primitive tribal culture. When they were not feeding, they often spoke a deep, complex humming language. Because its reverberations carried so completely in the water, that language scared away all nearby prey. Their people venerated water, which they called “the Great Cleanser When It Was Time to Be Cleansed”, and believed in reincarnation.

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