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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E20 -“AfterShock” / “Feather Frenzy”

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Earthquake relief

On the planet Vuundalla, a local community has been affected by an earthquake. The Jedi Order sends three younglings – Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs – to help. The younglings use their Force powers to rescue a Fathier from a damaged building, and the Fathier’s owner, Mina, and her father, Renaad, express their gratitude to Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna for the help.

When Solay asks what they can do to assist further, Renaad explains that they need wood, bricks, and tools to rebuild. However, all the extra supplies on Vuundalla are stored in a castle, and the inhabitants of the castle have refused to help them. Solay is surprised that the local King and Queen are not lending a hand either. Brightstar suggests they ask the rulers for help, to which Master Zia agrees, stating that she will accompany them.

The royal family

Upon arriving at the castle gates, the four Jedi were confronted by several armed security droids. A protocol droid named CK-38 informed them they could only enter with an appointment since the King and queen were busy. He demanded they leave and started to escort Master Zia away. However, Prince Cyrus arrived on his landspeeder and inquired about the Jedi’s presence. Master Zia introduced herself and the other Jedi and explained that they had come to assist Vuundalla in rebuilding following the earthquake. She requested to speak with Cyrus’ parents.

Despite CK-38’s protests, Cyrus allowed the Jedi to enter the throne room. CK-38 informed King Pychor and Queen Dafne that he had tried to stop them, but the monarchs were too busy feasting grape-like fruits. Pychor seemed unconcerned about the quake victims but was upset about losing an extra Fathier stable. Dafne informed the Jedi that they were preoccupied with other issues and weren’t particularly bothered by the damage done to one village. Brightstar argued that the villagers were their people, and Solay added that they required supplies to rebuild. Nubs nodded in agreement.

Master Zia repeats the message to her students. Dafne seems indifferent to the problems of the villagers. Zia suggests that if the students witnessed the struggles of their subjects, they might be more inclined to help them. However, the King and his consort claim to be busy, so they send their son Cyrus instead. Although Cyrus protests, Dafne insists that he accompany the Jedi. Meanwhile, the monarchs inquire about the Galactic Republic’s new space station, Starlight Beacon. Master Zia tasks the younglings with accompanying Cyrus to the village while she converses with the monarchs.

Prince Cyrus and the Jedi

While walking down a flight of stairs, a grumpy Prince Cyrus insists that the villagers are fine. When Solay asks if he has been down there, Cyrus replies that he has never been to the village nor met the villagers. Brightstar and Nubs are shocked that Cyrus has never met his subjects. Cyrus expresses indifference to the villagers.

Later, when Cyrus visits the village with the Jedi, he is shocked by the devastation caused by the earthquake. Mina hugs Nubs and asks who the Prince is. Renaad tells his daughter that they are in the presence of Prince Cyrus. When Mina asks if he has come to help them, Cyrus struggles for words. Brightstar suggests that Cyrus can ask his parents for supplies. Cyrus tries to explain that his parents are not willing to help, but Mina hugs and thanks him, causing him to flush in embarrassment. Mina tells him that she is the best.

Cyrus then tells the Jedi and Mina that he will fix the earthquake damage himself and promises to get the supplies. When Solay asks about his plan, Cyrus proposes borrowing supplies from a Fathier stable his parents are building in the woods. When Brightstar asks about the ethics of “borrowing,” Cyrus replies that he can do whatever he wants because he is a Prince. Brightstar volunteers to go with Cyrus while Solay and Nubs stay behind to help the locals.

“Borrowing” supplies

Prince Cyrus commands the foreman droid at the stable construction site, supervising the loadlifter droids and handing over the supplies. Brightstar supports him. However, the foreman droid refuses, stating that the supplies are essential for building the royal stables. When Cyrus orders him to change the orders, the foreman droid counters that he cannot do so as he doesn’t have the authority to change the orders the King or queen issued. Cyrus becomes stubborn and confronts the droids, causing them to surround him.

Brightstar steps in and urges them to use diplomacy instead. Cyrus takes advantage of the pause to push one of the load lifter droids, causing it to knock into its fellow droids in a domino effect. Cyrus then fetched a sled carrying wood and equipment, but the foreman droid and the loadlifter droids tried to block his path. However, the Prince manually deactivates all four loadlifter droids by switching them off at the back, using swift acrobatic moves that surprise Brightstar.

Cyrus chases the foreman’s droid with a broom, accidentally damaging one of the stable’s walls. Brightstar urges him to stop the violence. He listens to the Jedi youngling, sparing the foreman droid and ordering him to leave immediately. When Brightstar suggests that Cyrus take a breath and calm down, the Prince admits that he’s had enough of people telling him what to do. Cyrus further reveals that he resents Brightstar and helps people he barely knows. He’s upset that he damaged the royal stable’s walls.

Brightstar speaks to Cyrus, reminding him that he saw that his people needed help and that he tried to do something about it. Despite his title, Cyrus believes that he has little power. However, Brightstar explains that one doesn’t need to have power to help others. He tells Cyrus that he can make a difference; the only person stopping him is himself. Finally, Cyrus agrees, and the two travel back to the village, with Cyrus’ speeder towing the supplies sled.

Change of heart

As they travel, they encounter a palace security droid armed with an electrostaff, blocking their path. Prince Cyrus insists on returning the supplies to the village while Brightstar tries to reason with the droid. The droid refuses to budge, stating its orders are to take the supplies and Prince Cyrus back to the palace. Cyrus fights the droid, but it proves to be too strong. Brightstar steps in and confronts the droid with his lightsaber. However, the droid informs them that Brightstar must also accompany them.

Before the droid can make another move, King Pychor activates a restraining bolt, deactivating the droid. Queen Dafne asks Cyrus what is going on, to which Pychor explains that their son was meddling with their construction site, as reported by the foreman droid. The couple decided to investigate, leading to their disappointment with Cyrus. Cyrus explains that their people needed help, and he decided to take the supplies. The Jedi and the people gather around Cyrus in solidarity.

Dafne respects her son for proving he is a man of action, and she agrees to provide some supplies. King Pychor also requests Master Zia to inform them about Starlight Beacon, to which she agrees.

Using their Force powers, the Jedi younglings assist in repairing the villagers’ homes, including Mina’s home. Mina expresses her gratitude towards Cyrus, hugging him. Brightstar also thanks Cyrus, prompting the Prince to say he enjoys the “mushy stuff.” Brightstar introduces himself to Cyrus, and the two return to help with reconstruction.

Feather Frenzy

Unwelcome guests

While flying their Jedi Vectors through the skies of the planet Tenoo, Jedi Initiates Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs receive a distress call from their friend Nash Durango. Nash tells them she needs help at her garage, which several large purple birds have occupied. The birds are causing trouble for Nash’s mothers, who are preparing to return with a visitor named Gripp Liskell. Gripp is a potential partner who transports many shipments around Tenoo’s sector. Nash fears that the birds’ presence will make it hard for her mother’s ship to land and discourage Gripp from doing business with them.

When the Jedi arrive at the garage, they find that a nested bird on top of them has trapped Nash and RJ-83. After freeing them, the Jedi ask Nash where the birds came from, but she doesn’t know. She has tried everything from bird seeds to shooing and making tooka cat noises to drive them away, but nothing has worked.

RJ-83 beeps in Binary, and Nash explains her concerns about her mother’s hard work and desire for everything to go well. Kai reassures her that the Jedi came to help and that he has some ideas. Nubs and Kai try speaking to the birds and telling them to leave, but one of the birds caws back in response. Lys tries to imitate a bird’s noise, but the birds laugh at her.

Finally, the Jedi attempt to use the Force to lift one of the birds, but the bird ignores them.

Nub’s Plan

After returning to Durango, Brightstar and Solay confess they need more ideas. However, Nubs discovers some large purple berries, which Durango explains were meant to be used as ingredients for a pie. Brightstar tells Nubs that there may be better times for a snack. Nubs then explains in Poobian that the berries are actually for the birds.

After one of the birds eats a berry, Nubs presents an idea to his friends. Together with the Jedi, Durango, and RJ-83, they offer the birds three cartons full of berries. However, instead of leaving, the birds summon more of their kind and gather in Durango’s garage. Durango is annoyed that the birds won’t leave, but Solay discovers they are baby firehawks – a rare bird species native to Tenoo.

When Durango mentions that firehawks have glowing red feathers, Solay explains that hatchlings only have a few red feathers inside their wings after they hatch.

Repainting the Firehawk

Durango is thrilled to see firehawks, which inspired her to name her ship Crimson Firehawk after them. She remembers that firehawks migrate every 50 years, and their baby birds follow them during migration. However, this time, they seem to have lost their parent, so Durango suggests that they might be heading towards Griff’s Landing, one of the most beautiful rocky cliffs on Tenoo.

When Solay asks how they can lure them there, Durango suggests using the Firehawk to attract them. Solay and her friends disguise the starship as an adult Firehawk by painting it red and yellow and adding panels that resemble red feathers. Durango is impressed with the paint job, and the baby firehawks are fooled into thinking that the ship is their parent.

Flight to Griff’s Landing

Durango and RJ-83 put their plan into action, flying the Firehawk while the Jedi younglings fly Jedi Vectors to herd the Firehawk chicks. The Firehawk chicks follow the starships into the skies above Kublop Springs. Brightstar guides a stray Firehawk chick back to the flock. During the flight, Durango’s mothers inform their daughter that they will be home earlier than expected and hope the garage is clean.

After some deliberation, Durango decides that they should prioritize getting the Firehawk chicks back home before cleaning up the garage. Durango instructs the team to stay in formation and head towards Griff’s Landing. Once there, they see numerous adult firehawks flying in formation or nesting in the cliffs. The Firehawk chicks reunite with their parents. The Jedi and Durango then fly back home in their starships.


When they return to the garage, Kryys, and Ceeli Durango join them and ask for an update. Durango informs her mothers about the problem with a group of lost baby firehawks. Mr Liskell, fond of the firehawks, is interested in the matter and inquires if Durango has found a way to relocate them safely. Durango acknowledges her friends’ contributions, and Liskell describes the firehawks as stubborn creatures. When Durango apologizes for the mess, Liskell admires anyone who can handle firehawks and offers to work with her. Kryys thanks Durango for doing the right thing, and Durango offers to take Liskell to see the firehawks.



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