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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E19 – “Life Day” / “Raxlo Strikes Back”

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“Life Day”

Guests of the Wookiees
The Jedi initiates Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs on a visit to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk to celebrate Life Day with Jedi Masters Zia Zaldor Zanna and Yoda. During their visit, the three younglings are thrilled to be on Kashyyyk for Life Day. Solay takes the opportunity to practice Shyriiwook with a young Wookiee female named Johgeshakka, whom she introduces to her friends.

As they explore the planet, Johgeshakka invites them to attend a banquet hosted by Chief Whitaggikk to celebrate Life Day. Master Zanna thanks Whitaggikk for the invitation, and Yoda adds that it is an honor to share this holiday with their Wookiee friends. Speaking in Shyriiwook, Whitaggikk says that the most important part of Life Day is spending time with family and friends. Zanna translates his words while Yoda reminds them about the food.

For Life Day dinner, the Wookiees serve a delicious chicken-like dish that completely satisfies Brightstar and Nubs. Brightstar even remarks that this is the best Life Day celebration he has ever experienced.

The Feast
Solay explains to Jo that Life Day is more than just food and tells her about the Lighting Ceremony, where Wookiees gather around a Life Tree and hang glowing orbs called Life Day Orbs around it. It is a special occasion for people to gather and remember their deceased family and friends. Today is significant for Jo as she is old enough to hang her family’s Life Day Orb during the Lighting Ceremony. Wookiee families pass down one orb through generations.

Master Zanna leads everyone to the Lighting Ceremony on the other side of the Wookiee village. Jo entrusts Solay, withholding her Life Day Orb. She then shows it to her fellow younglings, but unfortunately, Brightstar bumps into her, causing Jo to drop the orb. The orb rolls through a hole in the railing and down the village’s roofs before disappearing out of sight. Solay feels bad and promises to find the orb.

The lost orb
Although Brightstar advises her to wait, Solay disregards his counsel and slides down the long red curtain to jump over roofs in search of Jo’s missing Life Day Orb. Meanwhile, Zanna comforts Jo and inquires about her well-being. Upon learning of Solay’s solo mission, Zanna advises Jo, Brightstar, and Nubs to help Solay in her quest to find the missing orb before the start of the Lighting Ceremony. The trio also slides down the long red curtain and jumps over roofs to join Solay in her search.

Once they reach the town’s square, they find themselves among several Wookiees. Solay searches through several baskets but fails to find the orb. The younglings follow Solay while also mingling with the local Wookiees. However, Solay’s search under a table annoys the Wookiee patrons. She eventually meets Jo, Brightstar, and Nubs, takes responsibility for losing Jo’s orb, and expresses her desire to find it. However, Brightstar and Jo convince her to let them help.

Brightstar devises a plan to search the marketplace together, and the four split up and head to different parts of the village. While searching, Brightstar accidentally bumps into a Wookiee merchant, causing him to drop his corn-like crops. After apologizing, Brightstar explains that he is looking for a Life Day Orb in Galactic Basic Standard, which the Wookiee merchant does not understand. Despite this setback, Brightstar continues his search.

The damaged orb
Nubs discovers a blue Life Day Orb but soon realizes it’s part of a stack of orbs for sale. The Wookiee shopkeeper dismisses him. Jo sees a Wookiee child holding what appears to be an orb and inquires if it belongs to her. The Wookiee child’s parents reveal that it’s a large blue fruit. Solay encounters a rolling blue creature with a shell resembling a Life Day orb, and while Brightstar searches a basket of blue fruits, Solay spots a blue orb on a basket in a conveyor belt system. Solay and Jo request an adult Wookiee to halt the conveyor belt, but he refuses.

Solay boards a basket, but her additional weight causes the conveyor belt system to malfunction, leading to a short circuit. She employs the Force to levitate the blue orb towards her. However, the conveyor belt system breaks down, and her basket falls. Brightstar and Nubs use the Force to cushion the fall of her basket. Though Solay is safe, she is saddened that Jo’s Life Day Orb was damaged. Jo provides comfort, while Brightstar suggests that Chief Whitaggikk will be able to restore it.

Later that night, Solay tells Chief Whitaggikk about her role in the accident and asks if she can fix it. Whitaggikk explains that the orbs serve as a reminder of the love everyone has for each other. Yoda and Zanna translated the Chief’s remarks from Shyriiwook, adding that they also represented memories and adventure. Despite the damage to her orb, Jo still wants to hang it. Solay and her Jedi friends use their Force powers to lower the branch so the Wookiee can hang her orb. The Wookiees and guests cheer as the Life Day Orbs glow. Solay also teaches Brightstar and Nubs to say “Happy Life Day” in Shyriiwook.

“Raxlo Strikes Back”

The hatching day
On the snowy planet of Andraven, Nubs impresses his Jedi friends, Kai Brightstar and Lys Solay, and their local hosts Gumar and Jam with his riding skills on a Wellagrin in a pen. Gumar and Jam express gratitude to the Jedi younglings for visiting them again. While admiring Nubs’ performance, Jam accidentally slips off the fence but lands safely in the snow. The group is excited about the annual Wellagrin hatching, which is scheduled for later in the day.

Gumar is also thrilled because he has been selected to take care of the Wellagrin eggs this year. He explains that the eggs must be kept very cold to hatch, and since they cannot be moved from their spot in the snow, he is responsible for checking on them daily. Meanwhile, Jam keeps an eye on the other Wellagrin. Gumar invites the Jedi younglings to ride with him on Wellagrin steeds to the Wellagrin hatching grounds.

Trouble with Raxlo
As they approach the hatching grounds, the Wellagrins become distressed when they notice that the ground is warm and the snow is melting even more. Gumar and the Jedi sense that something is wrong and decide to investigate.

Upon reaching the nesting grounds, they find the eggs exposed due to the melting snow. Solay suggests moving the eggs to a safer location, but Gumar explains that it would confuse the adult Wellagrins and may result in the eggs not hatching.

Nubs hears the sound of a laser buzzing, and the group discovers that Raxlo’s harvester is using a laser to melt the snow. Gumar is concerned about the eggs and asks why Raxlo is doing this. Brightstar decides to confront Raxlo, who recognizes the Jedi younglings and Gumar. Raxlo complains about the Jedi interfering with his business ventures.

After Brightstar orders RC-99 to stop the laser, Raxlo confesses that he has been harvesting Tenga rocks buried beneath the snow and can generate energy. Raxlo hopes to profit from the extraction and sale of these rocks.

Outsmarting Raxlo’s droids
Gumar protests that Raxlo is extracting Tenga rocks from a Wellagrin nesting ground. Brightstar believes that Raxlo should have asked for permission before doing so. However, Raxlo doesn’t seem to care and insists that the area has the most Tenga rocks.

As Raxlo had previous misadventures with Jedi younglings, he has brought several security droids equipped with lasers. Raxlo orders the droids to get rid of both the Jedi and Gumar. The Jedi Initiates use their lightsabers to fight back but are outnumbered by the floating droids. Under Raxlo’s orders, RC-99 and the security droids force the Jedi and Gumar to stay at the edge of a rock face. After this, RC-99 returns while the floating droids stand guard around their prisoners.

After discussing their situation, Gumar devises a plan to trigger an avalanche that will bury the droids and cause them to power down. The Jedi younglings then use the Force to cause the snow above the rockface to collapse onto the security droids, causing them to power down.

The avalanche
Solay and Brightstar team up to take down RC-99. Solay blinds the droid’s photoreceptors with snow while Brightstar powers him down. They thank Gumar for his plan and then infiltrate Raxlo’s harvester through the rear hatch. While Raxlo is distracted in the cockpit, Brightstar tries to switch off the laser cutter but accidentally turns on the music, which alerts Raxlo. Gumar tells Raxlo that the laser is endangering Wellagrin eggs and pleads to turn it off, but Raxlo is defiant.

Solay and Brightstar begin pushing buttons, erratically causing the harvester to move. They even turn Raxlo’s swivel chair. Raxlo protests, describing the harvester as a delicate machine. Gumar presses the big red button, causing the harvester’s laser to strike the top of the hill, triggering an avalanche that carries them downhill.

The snow covers the Wellagrin hatching grounds, causing the eggs to hatch. Several Wellagrin babies emerge from the snow, and Nubs cuddles one of them. Gumar thanks the Jedi for saving the baby Wellagrins while Raxlo grumbles about the Jedi ruining his plans. He says he needs to make money to live, but Brightstar reminds him that he can’t simply harvest wherever he wants. Gumar says that if he had asked, he would have told him that this area belongs to the Wellagrins.

Making peace with Raxlo
Raxlo is happy when Gumar shows him other locations where he can use his harvester while he cuddles a baby Wellagrin. Jam arrives in time to witness the hatching of the Wellagrin eggs. Later, Raxlo is pleased with the new Tenga mining location, and Gumar is happy that they saved the Wellagrins and found a new place to harvest. Raxlo then shows the Jedi and Gumar his new shovel, which allows him to move snow without melting it. The baby Wellagrins enjoy it. Lastly, Raxlo demonstrates what else his modified harvester can do to his new friends.



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