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Restraining Bolt

Skill: Droid repair
Cost: 50 credits
Availability: 1

Game Notes: A droid fitted with a restraining bolt must obey commands sent by a “Caller.” The droid cannot resist the effects of the restraining bolt.

Background: Restraining bolts were small, cylindrical devices that could be affixed to a droid in order to limit its functions and enforce its obedience. When inserted, a restraining bolt restricted the droid from any movement its master did not desire, and also forced it to respond to signals produced by a hand-held control unit. Some droids felt sheer horror at the mere mention of restraining bolts. Restraining bolts were also used in the construction of Jawa ion blasters; they, along with accu-accelerators from a starship’s ion engine, were fitted to the blaster’s firing mechanism.

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