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Species: Fathier
Planet of Origin: Cantonica


Special Abilities:
Endurance: Fathiers are incredibly athletic, crossing great distances at a high rate of speed, up to 64 kilometers per hour.

Move: 18
Size: 4.5-5.0m long
Orneriness: 1D

Background: Fathiers were a species of quadrupeds that resided in the galaxy. They were often used as mounts, and wealthy inhabitants of Kergans and Cantonica rode them in competition.

A quadruped species, fathiers were distinguished by their long legs, brown fur, and large ears, which dissipated body heat. Fathiers could run at great speeds (up to 75 kilometers per hour) across various terrains, including beaches, fields, and cliff faces. Their speed made them sought after by wealthy galaxy residents, and the creatures were viewed as graceful and majestic. On average, fathiers stood three meters high at the shoulder; people seeing one in person for the first time were often shocked by their size. When cooped up, fathiers required endurance exercises, so fathier transports were equipped with double-gravity chambers. They were known for their stinky, spicy smell.

Fathiers could be domesticated, and they were used as mounts in competition. The inhabitants of the planet Cantonica exploited them in highly popular races on the Canto Bight racetracks, in which the animals suffered abuse.

Appearances: Young Jedi Adventures, Episode VIII The Last Jedi

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