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Young Jedi Adventures – S00E01 – Meet the Young Jedi

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The episode begins with Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs getting ready for a training exercise with a training droid. Even though Solay worries about the droid being too advanced for them, Brightstar insists on continuing with the exercise. As the three younglings practice their lightsaber skills against the three-armed droid, Brightstar introduces his friends Lys and Nubs, who are also Jedi trainees at the Jedi Temple on Tenoo.

Brightstar mentions that Solay is knowledgeable about animals and she saves a lizard before the training droid cuts a rope in half. The three friends hope to become Jedi Knights someday, but they know they still have a lot to learn. During the exercise, the training droid throws Nubs against a wall, but he impresses everyone with his strength as he manages to shoulder the heavy bricks.

Realizing that the droid is too challenging for them, Brightstar tries to turn it off. However, the droid throws him off and threatens the younglings with its blades. Solay suggests that they launch a coordinated attack, and the three Jedi younglings work together to restrain its three arms. When the droid still refuses to give up, Brightstar contacts his pilot friend Nash Durango for help. Durango responds that she and her droid RJ-83 are on their way to assist them.

The training droid throws the children aside, but Brightstar uses the Force to hold it in mid-air. He convinces his fellow younglings to combine their Force powers and trust each other. They manage to restrain the droid long enough for Durango to arrive, and RJ-83 switches off the training droid’s chest button. The four friends hug each other in relief.

However, Solay’s lizard accidentally topples a column of bricks, and the bricks start falling towards the children. Jedi Master Yoda appears and uses the Force to push the bricks aside, saving the younglings. Brightstar apologizes to Yoda, but Yoda tells them they are still learning and praises them for understanding the importance of teamwork. He then assigns them a mission with Durango, and the four friends depart on her starship Crimson Firehawk.



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