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Knights of the Old Republic

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Four thousand years before
the rise of the Galactic
Empire, the Republic verges
on collapse. DARTH MALAK,
last surviving apprentice of
the Dark Lord Revan, has
unleashed an invincible
Sith armada upon an
unsuspecting galaxy.

Crushing all resistance,
Malak’s war of conquest
has left the Jedi Order
scattered and vulnerable
as countless Knights fall in
battle, and many more
swear allegiance to the new
Sith Master.

In the skies above the Outer
Rim world of Taris, a Jedi
battle fleet engages the
forces of Darth Malak in a
desperate effort to halt the
Sith’s galactic domination….

Trapped on Taris

A soldier of the Galactic Republic wakes up to find himself in the middle of a battle on the Hammerhead-class capital ship, the Endar Spire, which is on a mission under the Jedi Sentinel Bastila Shan. Trask Ulgo, another Republic soldier, aids his escape from the doomed vessel and splits off to face Darth Malak’s apprentice Darth Bandon. Trask seals the door behind him and buys his brother in arms time to escape. After entering the starboard section and finding Carth Onasi in the escape pod bay, the two join up and crash-land on the Sith-occupied ecumenopolis of Taris. Carth is able to drag the unconscious man from the wreckage and rent an abandoned apartment in the Upper City. The man remains in a stupor for the next few days.

When the man regains consciousness, Carth informs him of the situation and that they need to find and rescue Bastila, whose escape pod has crash-landed somewhere on the planet. Bastila is and still would be, if rescued, the key to the Republic’s war effort against the Sith due to her ability in battle meditation, a Force power that allows her to strengthen an entire army with confidence and spirit, while discouraging and confusing the enemy. Together, the two set out to find Bastila, and proceed into the hostile world.

The soldier and Carth learn that Bastila’s escape pod had landed in the Undercity of Taris—a rough area below the privileged Upper City and the slums of the Lower City where rival swoop gangs, the Hidden Beks and Black Vulkars, are engaged in a fierce gang war. The battles, plus the search for any other survivors of the battle prompted the Sith to impose a security lockdown, forcing one of the pair to disguise himself in stolen Sith trooper armor to gain entry to the area.

In the Lower City, the soldier and Carth go to the Hidden Beks’ hideout, where they find out from the leader of the Beks, Gadon Thek, that the Vulkar gang leader, Brejik, has taken Bastila captive, intending to offer her as a prize for the winner of the upcoming swoop race. Gadon agrees to sponsor the soldier as the Bek rider, on the condition that he retrieve a prototype swoop-bike accelerator that had been stolen from them by the Vulkars. In order to get to the back entrance of the Black Vulkar Base, Gadon tells them to find the Twi’lek girl Mission Vao and her Wookiee friend Zaalbar, who are supposed to know a way in through the Undercity of Taris, the lowest level of the city where criminals and refugees were exiled.

Coincidentally, when they find her, they discover that Mission needs their help as well. She and Zaalbar were attacked by Gamorrean slavers and Zaalbar had been captured as a result. Mission agrees to help them infiltrate the Vulkar Base if they help her find Zaalbar. The group ventures into the sewers. They track down and rescue Zaalbar from the slavers. Zaalbar, in gratitude, swears a Wookiee life debt to the player.

The group, lead by Mission, go deeper into the sewers to the back entrance of the Vulkar Base which is guarded by a rancor. They raid the Vulkar Base and retrieve the accelerator after a confrontation with one of Brejik’s lieutenants, Kandon Ark. Afterwards, they return to Gadon and the Beks. They stay the night before going to the swoop track the next morning. The untested racer manages to win the race. Before he can accept his prize however, Brejik breaks the deal at the last moment, claiming the soldier had cheated by using the prototype accelerator. In the chaos Bastila breaks free and a fight ensues. Brejik and his Vulkar thugs cannot defeat them and die in the battle.

Having rescued Bastila, the party begins looking for a way to get off Taris through the Sith blockade when a messenger comes to their apartment, telling them that a Mandalorian mercenary, Canderous Ordo, wants to speak with them in Javyar’s Cantina. When they get there, Canderous proposes that they steal the Ebon Hawk, a freighter that belongs to his employer, Davik Kang, the Tarisian Exchange boss. But first, they need the security pass codes to get through the Sith blockade, and the only place to get the codes is from the Sith base. To gain entry into the base, they have to purchase T3-M4, a T3-series utility droid that Davik has had programmed with the entrance codes to the base.

After purchasing T3-M4, the party breaks in and kills the Sith Governor to steal the passcodes. Canderous takes the soldier and Bastila to Davik’s estate. Canderous recommends the soldier to Davik for hire as a ploy. Shortly after being welcomed, the three open the hangar doors and proceeded to steal the Ebon Hawk. Even as they do so, Darth Malak, the Dark Lord of the Sith, now leading the Sith after betraying his former master Darth Revan, orders Saul Karath, Admiral of the Sith Fleet, to bombard Taris in order to prevent Bastila from escaping.

As they are getting to the Ebon Hawk, they are confronted by Kang and the galaxy-wide famous bounty hunter Calo Nord in the hangar. They kill Davik and leave Nord buried under rubble caused by the Sith bombardment. After stealing the Ebon Hawk, the infiltration party picks up the others and charges the Sith blockade while broadcasting the codes and escape the Sith onslaught.

Dantooine Refuge

Bastila reveals to the soldier that he is very strong in the Force and takes him back to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine to see if the Council will train him as a Jedi. They accept, in spite of his age, particularly after it is revealed that he is experiencing visions detailing the fall of Revan and Malak – and that he has shared these visions with Bastila, with whom he has forged a Force bond. After training under Zhar Lestin, the soldier, now a Jedi-in-training, is charged with doing battle with Juhani, a young Jedi apprentice who had been tainted by the dark side of the Force. After defeating her, he succeeds in convincing her to return to the light and is promoted to the rank of Padawan.

He is then ordered by the Council to investigate mysterious ruins that are believed to be the place seen in his visions. There, he finds a droid, which requires him to pass two tests regarding his knowledge of astrography before proceeding further into the temple. The party completes these tasks successfully and is granted access into a room containing an incomplete Star Map. One which gives clues to the locations of four more, similar maps. The party surmises that the maps, if combined, would lead them to a mysterious “Star Forge” that the droid speaks of and which seems intricately tied to the fall of Revan and Malak. After learning of this, the Council charges the Padawan with the mission to find the Star Forge, accompanied by Bastila, his companions, and Juhani.

Meanwhile, unknown to them, Calo Nord, who has survived the carnage on Taris, is brought before Malak by Admiral Karath. Nord offers information to the Dark Lord about Bastila and her companions, which Saul promises Malak would find “most interesting.” Malak agrees to hear this and to hire Nord to hunt down the party and bring Bastila to him alive.

Finding the Second Star Map

The newly christened Padawan and his companions journey to the desert world, Tatooine, and explore the city of Anchorhead. There, the Padawan receives another vision, indicating that the Star Map he is looking for is located in a cave. When learning that only hunters are allowed to leave the city, the Padawan persuades the head of the Czerka mining company there to hire him to eliminate the Sand People that have been plaguing the miners and other hunters in the area. However, a Duros tells the Padawan that there might be a peaceful solution to the matter and urges him to find one.

Listening to the Duros’ advice, the Padawan buys HK-47, an HK-series assassin droid, thinly disguised as a protocol droid from the town’s droid shop owner Yuka Laka. With the droid’s help, the player is able to communicate with a nearby tribe of Sand People at their enclave and negotiates an end to the attacks on Czerka Corporation by giving the Sand People chieftain two moisture vaporators. The chieftain then presents the party with his Chieftain’s gaderffii as a sign of good faith, and a map that helps them locate a Star Map hidden in the Eastern Dune Sea. The Padawan then follows this map to a canyon krayt dragon’s cave and assists a local hunter, Komad Fortuna, in killing it. He enters the cave and acquires the second Star Map. As he and the others leave the cave they are confronted by Calo Nord and some other bounty hunters. Calo says he will have to kill them in spite of Malak’s request that he take Bastila alive. The Padawan and his companions defend themselves, and kill Nord for good.


The Padawan then travels to Kashyyyk, and finds that the planet is under the control of Czerka Corporation, and that they are enslaving the local Wookiees. Hoping to enlist the aid of the Wookiees in reaching the Shadowlands and the Star Map present there, the Padawan heads for the village of Rwookrrorro. However, because he brings with him the accused mad-claw Zaalbar into the city, he is seized and brought before the Wookiee Chieftain. The chieftain, Chuundar, Zaalbar’s brother, is secretly in league with Czerka. Chuundar blackmails the Padawan into hunting down a crazed Wookiee in the Shadowlands by keeping Zaalbar as a hostage. Fortunately for the Padawan, that gives him a chance to find the Star Map.

In the Shadowlands, the Padawan meets an old hermit named Jolee Bindo who agrees to lead him to the Star Map in exchange for a favor: removing a group of Czerka poachers. The Padawan finishes the job and, as promised, Jolee lowers the deflector shield to let the party into the lower Shadowlands. When down there, the party discovers that the mad Wookiee is Freyyr, Zaalbar and Chuundar’s father who had exiled Zaalbar more than twenty years before as a mad-claw, only to discover the truth of Chuundar’s treachery later. Having been driven from Rwookrrorro, Freyyr descended into the Shadowlands and when the party encounters him, he blindly attacks them and is defeated. However, the Padawan spares him and together they concoct a plan to get Bacca’s Ceremonial Blade, the symbol of a true chieftain, and fight Chuundar for the title. Freyyr says that the blade of the sword was lost in a ritual fight long ago against an ancient beast. The party baits, finds the beast, and kills it. They then retrieve the blade from its hide. They give the blade to Freyyr, who then climbs up the trees towards Rwookrrorro, and asks the party to meet him there.

While in the Shadowlands, the Padawan discovers an ancient computer; whose artificial intelligence poses him a series of ethical dilemmas, whose “correct” answers reflect Sith philosophy. The Padawan’s answers are deemed wrong by the computer, which sends out defense droids to terminate the intruder. However, when the party successfully defeats the ancient droids, the computer’s scans of his brainwaves during the fight match those of the only person who is allowed to see the map. Thinking that the Padawan is that person, he allows the Padawan to see the Star Map.

Upon returning to the lift, the party is forced to kill the Wookiee in charge of the basket, Gorwooken, who has discovered their betrayal of Chuundar and attacks them. The party proceeds to the canopy on their own, meeting up with Freyyr’s supporters on the way to Rwookrrorro. Upon arriving at the Chieftain’s Hut, the room erupts in chaos, leading to a battle between the Padawan’s allies and Czerka and Chuundar’s loyalists, including himself. The Czerka and Wookiee bodyguards are slain along with Chuundar, and as a reward for their aid, Freyyr gives his only surviving son Bacca’s Ceremonial Blade. Zaalbar is allowed to come out of exile and is no longer branded a madclaw. Shortly thereafter, the Wookiees of the village unite under their new chieftain, Freyyr, and rebel against Czerka with the aid of the party.

Meanwhile, upon hearing the news of Calo Nord’s death, Malak sends his apprentice, Darth Bandon, to take the bounty hunter’s place as the leader in the search for Bastila.


Following their visit to Kashyyyk, the crew of the Ebon Hawk heads for the oceanic world of Manaan, landing in the docking bay. The Padawan’s visions indicated that the Star Map was on the ocean floor and hears the Republic ambassador to Manaan, Roland Wann, might have answers to his questions. Upon reaching the embassy the party asks Roland about a means to reach it. Wann agrees to help them in exchange for retrieving a captured probe droid. The droid had been surfacing from a survey of the Hrakert Rift, a major source for Manaan’s precious and unique resource, kolto, and where the Star Map was, when it was captured by the Sith.

The Padawan agrees to help the Republic, infiltrating the Sith embassy via one of three entrances, and fighting his way to the droid. The droid had been scavenged, but the part that Wann had requested is still intact. The party is leaving the base with droid part in hand when they are confronted by Selkath authorities with reports of shots fired within the embassy. The Padawan is put on trial and despite being offered an arbiter to represent him, he single-handedly persuaded the authorities to let him go. Now free, the Padawan proceeds back to the Republic embassy.

The party learns from Roland that the droid was sent to investigate an illegal kolto harvesting plant that was created by the Republic and which had recently broken contact with the surface. He tells the Padawan that the Republic hired many mercenaries to investigate what happened at the station, but none had returned. He also informs the Padawan that they had lost contact with the facility after uncovering some ancient artifact. In exchange for help in investigating the facility, Roland provides the party with a submersible and sends them on their way.

Once they arrive, the Padawan meets a crazed mercenary and learns from him that, following the artifact’s excavation, the Selkath were going insane and killing everyone. Refusing to leave in spite of warnings, the Padawan fights his way through the facility and obtains an enviro-suit and a sonic emitter in the process. Forced to leave his companions behind, the Padawan searches the ocean floor with the one wet suit available and finds his way to a separate part of the facility.

There, he meets the head scientist, Kono Nolan and his associate, Sami. The two are the only Human scientists still alive and are trapped in the facility. After surviving their mad attempt to kill him, the Padawan persuades them to tell him what they know. They inform him about a massive firaxan shark, which is responsible for the Selkath’s insanity. Upon asking how to get past it to the Star Map, Kono reveals that he had been working on a poison which, in theory, could kill the shark. Sami believes that using it would pollute the waters of Manaan in ways that may never be corrected. Following Sami’s advice, the Padawan destroys the kolto harvesting machine, calming the shark down and allowing the Padawan to approach the Star Map.

When the Padawan is reunited with his companions at the entrance of the base, they meet Darth Bandon, accompanied by two Dark Jedi. After Bandon expresses his excitement that he could still “have the pleasure” of killing the Padawan, the party engages in a vicious lightsaber duel from which the Padawan emerges victorious. The Padawan returns to the Republic embassy and tells Roland of what had happened. Though displeased with the results, Roland thanks the Padawan and sends him on his way. The Padawan is again seized by the Selkath authorities, this time for his actions at the Kolto facility. Again, the Padawan persuades them to release him upon revealing the full story, which some of the Selkath believe tie into their myths surrounding “the Progenitor,” which they believe the Padawan had saved.

Revelation aboard the Leviathan

As the party leaves Manaan, they are caught in the tractor beam of the Leviathan, the flagship of Admiral Saul Karath, Carth’s old mentor. While they are being pulled in, they discuss how to escape and the Padawan picks a member of his party to escape the Sith and rescue everyone else from capture. The Padawan, Bastila, and Carth are all put in force cages, and are interrogated by Saul Karath himself as he waits for Malak’s arrival. He also informs them that the Jedi Academy on Dantooine has been destroyed. Bastila refuses to submit to Karath’s questions, so the Admiral questions the Padawan instead. For every question he answers incorrectly, Bastila is tortured. The Padawan’s will weakens, but ultimately the Sith receive little of use from the interrogation. Saul leaves and orders the trio’s torture to be continued. The Padawan fainted along with Bastila, and Carth informed him that he got the worst of the torture, and Bastila is worried that the dark side is growing stronger, because she did not sense a disturbance in the force when Dantooine was attacked. However, she senses that Saul sent his message to Darth Malak

Meanwhile the party member is able to infiltrate the Leviathan, and get some weapons in the process. In the prison block, the party member finds a Rodian who helps in the rescue in exchange for his freedom. He gives the party member the ICE breaker. The party member uses it to open the area that contains the Padawan and the others who, when freed, recover their equipment from lockers in the next room. Afterwards, Canderous volunteers to take the group to the Ebon Hawk and get it ready to launch, while the Padawan, Bastila, and Carth move to the bridge to disable the shields in the hangar bay.

After getting to the bridge by walking along the hull of the ship in environmental suits, the Padawan, Carth, and Bastila confront Admiral Karath and his men there. The Admiral confidently reveals that Malak’s arrival is near and Bastila confirms it through the Force. An urgent battle follows, which the three manage to win. Saul, near death, asks his old student to come closer so he can reveal a secret. Curious, Carth leans in and with his dying breath Saul tells the soldier something that sends him into a fury. Carth confronts Bastila about what Saul had said, and Bastila begs Carth to wait until after they’ve escaped to talk about it, promising to explain everything. Reluctantly, Carth agrees, leaving the Padawan in the dark.

Before they are able to reach the hangar, they run into the Dark Lord, who disarms Carth in a standoff with Bastila and the Padawan. Then the Dark Lord says he is surprised to see the Padawan again, which confuses the Jedi-in-training. This amuses Malak who sneeringly reveals to the Padawan a truth that Bastila, the Jedi, and now Carth have been hiding from him: his true identity, the former Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan. Malak, eager to kill his former Master once and for all, uses Force Stasis Field on Bastila and Carth, leaving Revan to fight the Dark Lord by himself. After a prolonged battle, Bastila releases herself and Carth. She charges in, telling Carth and Revan to escape so they can find the Star Forge. She then takes on the Dark Lord by herself and the door seals behind her, trapping her and stopping Revan and Carth from helping her.

Seeing nothing else that they can do, Revan and Carth run to the Ebon Hawk, and after a skirmish with Sith fighters, escape the Leviathan. Afterwards, the rest of the group learns the truth about their leader, meeting it with mixed but overall positive reactions. In a strange coincidence, HK-47’s memory, which had been lost due to simulated damage to his memory core, was restored due to a program designed to do so upon returning to his first and true master: Revan.


Eager to acquire the last Star Map and find the Star Forge before it’s too late, the group arrives on Korriban, a Sith world and the location of a settlement and a Sith Academy. Students from the Academy dominate the docking areas. These students, training to become Sith themselves, are encouraged to commit acts of cruelty and brutality. The most frequent victims of these acts are the new arrivals eager to join the Academy.

Revan quickly surmises that the Star Map would be accessible only by a student of the Academy. Admittance requires gaining the notice of the student body and distinguishing oneself by means of strength, cunning, and/or ingenuity. Only one graduate is allowed to join the Academy each term so vicious and often fatal competition is encouraged by the Sith Masters.

Revan finds help in this regard when he comes to the attention of Yuthura Ban, second-in-command at the Academy. She quickly notices the vast Force potential of her newest recruit although she does not realize that she is dealing with the deposed Dark Lord. She entangles Revan in a web of conspiracy whose ultimate goal is to engineer the assassination of Uthar Wynn, the head of the Sith Academy and Yuthura’s master.

The potential students of the academy prove their worth by performing various tasks and gaining prestige. Some of the challenges are martial in nature while others were mental, but all require a certain commitment to the Sith ideals embodied by the Code of the Sith which Revan is required to relearn and recite in order to take an early lead over his fellow initiates. The Code of the Sith, a twist of the Jedi Code, is a harsh insight for Revan as much of its philosophy is based on ideals and motives he had set in motion as the Dark Lord.

At some point Revan, most likely in an attempt to receive prestige, explores and raids the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Ajunta Pall. This is complicated by the fact that the Sith Lord himself has survived the many centuries since his death as an embittered Force ghost. Ajunta Pall demands that Revan locate his infamous blade, taking it with him when he leaves the tomb. Revan retrieves the blade as well as two more besides. Revan then persuades the dark specter that he could at last find peace if he was willing to seek redemption. At last giving into the light, Ajunta fades away, redeemed by Revan.

Between Revan’s actions and Yuthura’s plotting, Revan eventually wins the prestige contest, gaining access to the tomb of Naga Sadow and the Star Map inside. There he finds the last of the Star Maps and finishes the last of the Academy’s trials. Upon emerging he is forced to choose sides between Uthar and Yuthura and eventually defeats both of them, sparing Yuthura even after she betrays him following the death of Uthar Wynn. Upon leaving the tomb, all of the students of the academy attack Revan; they are all slain. With his goals completed, Revan leaves the Sith world behind him, and sets a course for the Star Forge itself.

Crash-landing on an unknown world

Armed with the location of the Star Forge, Revan and the crew of the Ebon Hawk arrive at the coordinates shown on the Star Maps, only to be trapped in a power disruption field that forces them to crash-land on the planet that is the source of the disruption. Before they crash, Carth manages to send the coordinates of the Star Forge to the Republic so that they can gather a fleet to destroy the Sith forces located in the system.

They discover that the planet is a graveyard of crashed ships, many of which have been stripped and looted by other voyagers affected by the power disruption field. Damage to the Ebon Hawk requires Revan to find repair parts as well as the source of the disruptor field; not only does the field prevent the crew of the Ebon Hawk from escaping the planet, it also effectively cripples the Republic fleet on its way. Upon exploring the unknown world, Revan and his companions find that the world is inhabited by a species that call themselves the Rakata.

Revan discovers the Rakatans are divided into several tribes, one of which was the Elders, who maintain some of the technology from the Rakatan Infinite Empire that built the Star Forge. The Elders, few in number, are at war with another, more primitive tribe known as the Black Rakata. Revan discovers that during his previous visit to the world, he’d exploited both sides to gain access to the Star Forge and he struggles to regain the trust of the Elders. Upon helping them recover some of their number who have been kidnapped by the One, the leader of the Black Rakata, Revan convinces the Elders to aid him in entering the Temple of the Ancients, which is the source of the disruption field. Though he is required to enter alone, Juhani and Jolee, after receiving a vision that warned them that Revan was in danger, join him at the last minute against the Elders’ protests. Together they enter the Temple.

Inside, the three find their way to the disruptor field controls, only to be confronted by Bastila who has fallen to the dark side. She has sworn herself to Darth Malak’s service, Malak having used a combination of torture and preying on her arrogance, pride, and love for Revan to convince her that the Jedi are using and holding her back. In a tense confrontation, Revan is forced to defend the light from the very person most responsible for his redemption. He reluctantly engages her in a duel, but with Juhani and Jolee’s help, he defeats Bastila, who expresses surprise at Revan’s power and comes to believe that he deserves to be the Dark Lord of the Sith. Bastila tries to seduce him back to the dark side, even going so far as to pledge her loyalty to him and promising him that she would use her Battle meditation in his service and become his apprentice and lover. Despite her temptations, Revan rejects her offer, and Bastila angrilly flees in a G-wing, swearing that their next encounter aboard the Star Forge will be their last.

Escaping the temple and rejoining his companions, Revan and the others join the Republic’s assault on the Star Forge knowing that the fate of the galaxy rested on their efforts. However, for Revan, the battle was a personal conflict since saving the galaxy might mean taking the life of the woman he loved.

The Star Forge

Admiral Forn Dodonna and Jedi Master Vandar are mystified by the sheer size and efficiency of the Sith fleet and, upon regaining contact with the Hawk and her crew, are horrified to learn of Bastila’s defection. To counter the threat presented by Bastila, the Republic commanders come up with a desperate plan. The Ebon Hawk will lead a strike force of Jedi through the static defenses of the Star Forge. Only a handful of ships actually survive the run to land safely on the Star Forge’s flight deck where Dark Jedi backed up by the station’s battle droids attack the Jedi in the hangar. The Dark Jedi are defeated and the Jedi strike team is assigned to defend the hangar so they can later make their escape. Revan and two of his companions advance into the Star Forge and find themselves alone against the bulk of Darth Malak’s entire fighting force, they battle wave after wave as they make their way towards Bastila.

Finally, Revan and the others reach Bastila’s chamber where he is separated from his companions and left to confront Bastila alone. Bastila draws on all of her skills and the dark power of the Star Forge, but is ultimately unable to defeat Revan. Through their love for one another and the bond between them, Revan is able to break Bastila’s resolve and persuades her to turn back to the light. In return, Bastila admits her love for Revan as well and promises to use her Battle meditation to aid the Republic fleet. Revan then leaves to confront his old friend and apprentice—Malak.

Malak tries once more to delay Revan by unleashing more battle droids upon him, but Revan proves more resilient than he had expected, making it past them and into Malak’s chamber. A long duel ensues. Revan starts to overpower Malak who uses the technology of the Star Forge and the bodies of Jedi he had captured from the Jedi academy on Dantooine to fuel his power, restoring his lifeforce and strength to maximum levels. Revan releases the suffering Jedi one by one by destroying the machines containing them and allows them to become one with the Force. Malak is forced to rely on his own dark power and after a long battle, Revan finally succeeds in defeating Malak who expresses regret in his last moments before dying.

Afterwards, Revan flees along with the rest of his companions, barely escaping the final destruction of the Star Forge. The entire group is awarded the Cross of Glory, the highest citation of bravery in the galaxy at the time, in a ceremony on the unknown world’s surface and Revan himself is welcomed back into the Jedi Order as the “Prodigal Knight.”


Ada’s father
Kel Algwinn
Jolan Aphett
Toll Apkar
Kandon Ark
Lur Arka Sulas
Zoriis Bafka
Yuthura Ban
Darth Bandon
Jolee Bindo
Blue-robed Dark Jedi
Nilko Bwaas
Hoot Calin
Galduran Calrissian
Gorton Colu
Dayso Cooh
Vorn Daasraad
Davik’s agent
Matton Dasol
Maana Demknot
Forn Dodonna
Mika Dorin
Deadeye Duncan
Raskta Fenni
Cassus Fett
Sharina Fizark
Ward Fizark
Komad Fortuna
Komad Fortuna’s father
Zelka Forn
Veren Gal
Eli Gand
Toshan Gant
Yun Genda
Gendar’s father
Gendar’s grandfather
Gerlon Two-Fingers
Gray-robed Dark Jedi
Handon Guld
Handon Guld’s wife
Ithorak Guldar
Forii Haxa
Hidden Bek lookout
Jamoh Hogra
Greeta Holda
Tulak Hord
Ben Hu’al
Elassa Huros
Yortal Ixlis
Hukta Jax
Caal Jordan
Juhani’s father
Juhani’s mother
Karal Kaar
Ganda Kaitoova
Jurgan Kalta
Davik Kang
Saul Karath
Saul Karath’s predecessor
Lurze Kesh
J’ane Khan
Davin Kotras
Jor Ul Kurax
Yuka Laka
Vrook Lamar
Adum Larp
Gana Lavin
Gana Lavin’s father
Zhar Lestin
Galon Lor
Tyvark Luowan
Rickard Lusoff
Deesra Luur Jada
Darth Malak
Mandalorian prisoner
Ahlan Matale
Shen Matale
Casandra Mateil
Elam Mattic
Louie Mattic
Thalia May
Firith Me
Fodo Medoo
Mic’tunan’jus Orgu
Queedle Molto
Elise Montagne
Janice Nall
Junix Nard
Calder Nettic’s wife
Furko Nellis
Kono Nolan
Calo Nord*
Raxsus Nuli
Carth Onasi
Dustil Onasi
Morgana Onasi
Sakul Ondondanax
The One
Canderous Ordo
Rundil ot Sulem
Sasha ot Sulem
Ahita Othar
Ajunta Pall
Ajunta Pall’s Jedi Master
Rulan Prolik
Dorak Quinn
Red-robed Dark Jedi
Rakata prisoner
Yuka Rill
Rukil’s father
Rukil’s grandfather
Sand People chieftain
Nurik Sandral
Rahasia Sandral
Guun Han Saresh
Lyn Sekla
Zuulan Sentar
Nico Senvi
Bastila Shan
Bastila Shan’s father
Helena Shan
Sith Governor
Bendak Starkiller
Bib Surool
Suvam Tan
Gadon Thek
Vandar Tokare
Garm Totryl
Gilthos Uksaris
Gilthos Uksaris’s friend
The Storyteller
Trask Ulgo
Jorak Uln
Fazza Utral
Griff Vao
Mission Vao
Senni Vek
Marlena Venn
Tanis Venn
Dak Vesser
Andor Vex
Roland Wann
Janos Wertka
Jigger Wraith
Uthar Wynn
Gonto Yas
Crattis Yurkal
Kebla Yurt


Foray-class blockade runner
Herald-class shuttle
KT-400 military droid carrier
Multi-Environment Tracked Transport (As Sandcrawler)
AeroChaser speeder bike
XT-model bike


Yavin 4


Tusken Raider
Yoda’s species


HK-series assassin droid
Mark VII experimental prototype assassin droid
Mark I assault droid
Mark II assault droid
Mark IV assault droid
Basilisk war droid
Sith security hovercam
Information Droid
Municipal patrol droid Mark I
K-X12 probe droid
Submersible probe droid
GE3-series protocol droid
Rakatan guardian droid
Patrol droid Mark I
S6-series security/maintenance droid
R-8009 utility droid
T3-series utility droid
War droid-series


Firaxan shark
Kath hound
Canyon Krayt Dragon
Kshyy vine
Wroshyr tree


Accelerator panel
Advanced adrenaline amplifier
Adrenaline stimulator
Advanced agent interface
Advanced bio-stabilizer mask
Advanced stabilizer gloves
Antidote kit
Cortosis-weave armor
GenoHaradan mesh armor
Battle Armor
Calo Nord’s battle armor
Cassus Fett’s Battle Armor
Cinnagar plate armor
Durasteel heavy armor
Heavy battle armor
Heavy exoskeleton
Jurgan Kalta’s power suit
Powered battle armor
Verpine zal alloy mesh
Baragwin Shadow Armor
Bonadan alloy heavy suit
Cinnagar weave armor
Combat suit
Darth Bandon’s fiber armor
Echani fiber armor
Echani light armor
Eriadu prototype armor
Heavy combat suit
Light exoskeleton
Massassi ceremonial armor
Reinforced fiber armor
Republic mod armor
Ulic Qel-Droma’s mesh suit
Zabrak battle armor
Zabrak combat suit
Zabrak field armor
Mandalorian assault armor
Mandalorian battle armor
Mandalorian heavy armor
Arkanian bond armor
Bronzium light battle armor
Cinnagar war suit
Davik’s war suit
Echani battle armor
Environmental bastion armor
Exar Kun’s light battle suit
Jamoh Hogra’s battle armor
Krath heavy armor
Krath Holy Battle Suit
Light battle armor
Military suit
Powered light battle armor
Verpine fiber mesh
Sith trooper armor
Advanced aural amplifier
Gamorrean Battleaxe
Cinnagar carbine
Jamoh Hogra’s carbine
Jurgan Kalta’s carbine
Sith Assault Gun
Arkanian pistol
GenoHaradan Blaster
Arkanian heavy pistol
Cassus Fett’s heavy blaster pistol
Mandalorian heavy blaster
Zabrak Tystel Mark III
Bothan Needler
Bothan Quick Draw
Sith assassin pistol
Insta-kill pistol
Mandalorian blaster
Zabrak blaster pistol
Jurgan Kalta’s assault rifle
Mandalorian assault rifle
Baragwin assault gun
Baragwin heavy repeating blaster
Blaster cannon
Heavy repeating blaster
Light repeating blaster
Mandalorian heavy repeater
Medium repeating blaster
Ordo’s Repeating Blaster
Zabrak battle cannon
Bonadan “Machinist” gloves
Bothan “Machinist” gloves
Bothan perception visor
Bothan sensory visor
Zaalbar’s bowcaster
Chuundar’s bowcaster
Brejik’s Arm Band
Brejik’s belt
Brejik’s gloves
Carbonite gun
Ceiling fan
Chronological circuitry
Circlet of Saresh
CNS strength enhancer
Combat sensor
Computer spike
Computer terminal
Advanced alacrity implant
Advanced bio-stabilizer implant
Advanced combat implant
Advanced sensory implant
Bavakar cardio package
Bavakar memory chip
Bavakar reflex enhancement
Beemon package
Bio-antidote package
Biotech implant
Cardio package
Cardio power system
Cyber reaction system
Gordulan reaction system
Memory package
Navardan regenerator
Nerve enhancement package
Response package
Retinal combat implant
Sith regenerator
Calo Nord’s datapad
Shaela Nuur’s datapad
Uthar Wynn’s datapad
Davik’s Visor
Permacrete detonator
Baragwin Disruptor-X weapon
Zabrak Disruptor Cannon
Mandalorian ripper
Composite heavy plating
Droid heavy plating type 1
Droid heavy plating type 2
Droid heavy plating type 3
Droid light plating type 1
Droid light plating type 2
Droid light plating type 3
Droid medium plating type 1
Droid medium plating type 2
Droid medium plating type 3
Baragwin droid shield
Energy shield level 1
Energy shield level 2
Energy shield level 3
Environment shield level 1
Environment shield level 2
Environment shield level 3
Advanced computer tool
Advanced droid interface
Computer probe
Droid motion sensors Type 1
Droid motion sensors Type 2
Droid motion sensors Type 3
Droid search scope Type 1
Droid search scope Type 2
Droid search scope Type 3
Droid sonic sensors Type 1
Droid sonic sensors Type 2
Droid sonic sensors Type 3
Universal computer interface
Carbonite projector Mark II
Advanced flame thrower
Baragwin flame thrower
Advanced gravity generator
Advanced shield disruptor
Baragwin shield disruptor
Advanced stun ray
Baragwin stun ray
Dominator gauntlets
Electrical Capacitance Shield
Eriadu strength amplifier
Force cage
Chieftain’s gaderffii
Raito’s gaderffii
GenoHaradan power gloves
GenoHaradan Visor
Adhesive grenade
Concussion grenade
CryoBan grenade
Fragmentation grenade
Ion grenade
Poison grenade
Plasma grenade
Sonic detonator
Thermal detonator
Heavy Targeting Optics
Holo-Sec Corp anti-theft explosive
Tulak Hord’s holocron
ICE breaker
Infiltrator gloves
Interface band
Interface visor
Verpine prototype ion blaster
Baragwin Ion-X weapon
Bothan droid disruptor
Verpine droid disruptor
Karakan gauntlets
Kolto tank
Jolee Bindo’s lightsaber
Darth Malak’s lightsaber
Revan’s lightsaber
Revan’s Sith lightsaber
Bastila Shan’s single-bladed lightsaber
Bastila Shan’s lightsaber
Sith lightsaber
Dantari crystal
Heart of the Guardian
Krayt dragon pearl
Mantle of the Force
Light-Scan Visor
Marka Ragnos’ gauntlets
Medical interface visor
Memory core
The Imprisoned One’s mind prison
Flash mine
Fragmentation mine
Gas mine
Laser mine
Plasma mine
Moisture vaporator
Motion detection goggles
Navigation computer
Nerve amplifier belt
Neural band
Neural disruptor
Arkanian energy shield
Echani dueling shield
Echani shield
Mandalorian melee shield
Mandalorian power shield
Sith energy shield
Verpine prototype shield
Yusanis’ Dueling Shield
Pistol targeting optics
Power belt
Prototype accelerator
Massassi battle staff
Rakatan mind trap
Rakatan warblade
Restraining bolt
Security interference tool
Sith mask
Sith power gauntlet
Sith sniper rifle
Sonic nullifiers
Bothan shrieker
Arkanian sonic rifle
Bothan discord gun
Speech scrambler
Verpine bond gauntlets
Advanced Stealth Unit
Baragwin stealth unit
Eriadu stealth unit
GenoHaradan stealth unit
Sound dampening stealth unit
Stealth field reinforcement
Strength gauntlets
Hyper-adrenal alacrity
Hyper-adrenal stamina
Hyper-adrenal strength
Hyper-battle stimulant
Echani battle stimulant
Squad recovery stim
Bothan stun stick
Rakatan Battle Wand
Vulkar shock stick
Ajunta Pall’s blade
Echani Ritual Brand
Krath Double Sword
GenoHaradan Poison Blade
War Blade
Notched Steel Sword
Massassi brand
Teta’s Blade
Silver Lined Sword
Wookiee warblade
Thermal generator
Thermal shield generator
Tulak Hord’s mask
Galduran Calrissian’s utility belt
Verpine cardio-regulator
Verpine demolitions probe
Verpine headband
Verpine Ocular Enhancer
Echani vibroblade
Blood Blade
Mission’s Vibroblade
Prototype vibroblade
Sanasiki’s Blade
Echani double-brand
Yusanis’s Brand
Bacca’s Ceremonial Blade
Baragwin assault blade
Echani foil
Krath dire sword
Sith Tremor Sword
The One’s Vibrosword

Force Powers

Force bond
Force drain
Force healing
Force lightning
Force Aura / Armor
Energy resistance
Force resistance
Force Slow
Force speed
Force Stun
Force suppression
Force valor
Mind trick
Stun Droid