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Space Transports

The Ebon Hawk

Name: The Ebon Hawk
Craft: Modified Core Galactic Systems Dynamic-Class Freighter
Type: Modified Light Freighter
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 24 Meters
Skill: Space Transports: Ebon Hawk
Crew: 3; skeleton 1/+10
Passengers: 8
Consumables: 8 Months
Cargo Capacity: 40 Metric Tons
Cost: 154,000 (used)
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Hyperdrive Backup: x20
Nav Computer: Y
Space: 8
Atmosphere: 380;1,100 kmh
Maneuverability: 2D+1
Hull: 4D+2
Shields: 2D+2
Passive: 15/1D
Scan: 30/2D

Dual TurboLasers
Fire Arc: Front
Skill: Starship Gunnery
Scale: StarFighter
Fire Control: 2D+2
Space: 1/5/10
Atmosphere Range: 50-100/300/700
Damage: 4D
2 Dual Heavy Quad Laser Cannons
Fire Arc: Turret
Crew: 1
Skill: Starship Gunnery
Scale: StarFighter
Fire Control: 3D
Space: 1-3/10/18
Atmosphere Range: 50-100/200/300
Damage: 6D
Concealed ventral anti-personnel repeating blaster
Fire Arc: Turret
Skill: Vehicle Blasters
Scale: Character
Fire Control: 1D+2 (or auto targeting 3D)
Atmosphere Range: 10-50/100/200
Damage: 7D+1
Proton torpedo Launcher (5 missiles)
Fire Arc: Front
Skill: Starship gunnery
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1/3/7
Atmosphere Range: 50-100/300/700
Damage: 9D

Game Notes: The Dynamic-Class Freighter is designed for easy modification and repair. Character receive a +2 Bonus to any skill rolls to modify or repair the Dynamic-Class Freighter.

Background: The Ebon Hawk was a Dynamic-class freighter and a smuggler ship that rose to fame due to its use around the time of the Jedi Civil War. It was well-known throughout the galaxy as a ship associated with the Exchange, and it passed through many hands before it was commandeered by amnesiac Dark Lord of the Sith, Revan, who was escaping the Destruction of Taris. After Revan joined the Jedi Order, the ship was instrumental in his search for the Star Forge.

After Revan traveled to the Unknown Regions to destroy the remains of a Sith Empire that had lain dormant there, the Hawk eventually fell into the hands of the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik, who used it on her quest to stop the Sith Triumvirate. The ship was heavily modified over the course of its life, to the point that it was difficult to determine its origins. With its extremely powerful hyperdrive, the ship was believed to be in the top ten of the fastest ships in the galaxy during its time, as it was the fastest ship in the Outer Rim Territories.

The Ebon Hawk was a Dynamic-class freighter, roughly resembled Aurebesh sigil minus the inward curves at the ends of the outer prongs, with the center prong flush with them, and with a concave curve to the vertical line. Visualizing the open side as the bow, the Hawk’s mass filled out the stern to the shape’s midpoint and left only a small prong on the starboard side. The starboard mass contained a deployable turret that would extend from the ship’s ventral side, and on the port and starboard sides were two more turret emplacements.

The ship was painted primarily white with the three prongs accented in red on the bow, as well as the dorsal and ventral sides. Towards the stern, on both the latter two sides, there were concave red stripes that curved parallel to the ship’s stern from the center prong to the outer two, originating from the outward sides of two cylindrical engines, which met the center prong at its base and extended outward to port and starboard. This formed a symmetrical acute angle across the dorsal side on the longitudinal axis, with legs that met the rear curve. All along the outward-facing sides of these engines was another red stripe.

The interior of the ship was designed to accommodate a small crew, a good amount of cargo, and a small vehicle such as a swoop bike. There were two sets of crew quarters (starboard and port), each with three standard beds. The starboard dormitory had a secret compartment underneath one of the bunks, which Ratrin Vhek told Surik about in order to prove his prior ownership of the Hawk.

The cockpit had seats for a pilot, copilot and navigator, with two additional seats behind them. Also in the cockpit area was the galaxy map, where the next destination could be selected. The galaxy map offered a summary of the destination’s terrain, native species, and docking facilities. This room was connected to the main hold by a long hallway, which also led to the communications room. In the communications room were a number of controls, including a console for accessing the ship’s security cameras.

In the center of the main hold was a large round console that included the ship’s navigation computer, which could be voice-locked. The console further served as a holoprojector, both for communication and for tactical planning. The ship’s security cameras were also accessible from here, as well as the security doors. There was plenty of seating in the main hold, and it was large enough for the entire crew to comfortably gather together. Off to one side was a small storage room.

From the main hold, another hallway led to the engine room at the back of the vessel, where the engines and the hyperdrive were accessible. There was usually something in this room that needed repair, particularly the temperamental hyperdrive.

Off the hallway between the main hold and the engine room was the medical bay. There was no kolto tank and only one bed, but it was sufficient for treating all but the most serious conditions. Across the hall from the medical bay was the utility lift, which provided access to the controls for the three turrets and to the Ebon Hawk’s outer hull.

The cargo hold was spacious and included a code-locked smuggling compartment. Kang used this compartment for smuggling spice, using the code “Red-47.” On the other side of the ship was the garage, which was similar in size and shape to the cargo hold, but more easily accessible as it was connected to the exit ramp. It was designed to fit a small vehicle, and Kang kept a Lhosan Industries Daggerstar here, which Revan acquired along with the ship. There was also a workbench in the garage. The garage was blown open when the Harbinger fired on it and was under repair for the remainder of Surik’s journey. The swoop bike was also gone by the time she acquired the ship.

Other facets of the Ebon Hawk’s design included its twin turbolaser turrets (dorsal and ventral), as well as two heavy laser cannons on each side and other hidden armaments. The navigational computers were stolen retrofits. Its hyperdrive was a Class 1 unit, replacing the original Class 3, and the realspace speed was double the baseline for the class. Kang described the ship as being the fastest in the galaxy, and it was widely known and recognized in its time, despite its ID signature being altered at least once.

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