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Young Jedi Adventures – S00E04 – Nubs and the Flower Fiasco

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Nubs, along with his Jedi initiates friends Kai Brightstar and Lys Solay, visit a forest for their mission to collect a Zeilla flower for the Jedi Temple on Tenoo. While searching for the flower, Nubs begins sniffing the various plants, prompting Solay to liken his love for plants to her love for animals. Brightstar reminds them of their mission and displays a hologram of the purple flower. Solay suggests they split up to increase their chances of finding the flower, and Nubs is delighted.

Later, Nubs spots a Zeilla flower perched on a high branch. He climbs the tree to get to the flower but encounters a sizeable green bird with red and white feathers on its breast. The bird chirps playfully at Nubs but then uses the branch to catapult Nubs into the air. Nubs, while descending, decides to trust in the Force and uses his Force powers to glide and land on the bird’s back. The startled bird throws him off, and Nubs descends with his lightsaber into the forest below.

Nubs lands on his feet but accidentally hits his head with his lightsaber. He spots the Zeilla flower on the opposite branch, but the bird uses its talons to play with him. Solay and Brightstar soon find Nubs and realize the bird is attracted to his lightsaber. Nubs uses his lightsaber to convince the bird to give him a ride towards the Zeilla flower. He cuts the flower off the branch, and his friends pick it up. Following a ride, the bird lands Nubs among his friends. Solay and Brightstar thank Nubs and the bird, with Solay patting the creature.



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