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The Mandalorian Chapter 15: The Believer

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The Mandalorian Art by Erik Tiemens

Recruiting An Old Foe

The episode opens with a New Republic Correctional Transport flying over the Karthon Chop Fields. Several crane walkers tower over the field while prisoners work on disassembling starships. A New Republic security droid walks up to Migs Mayfeld (designated as inmate 34667) who is working on dismantling a TIE line starfighter. The droid tells him to descend in order to receive new instructions to salute Marshal of the New Republic Carasynthia Dune, who remands the prisoner into her custody. When inmate 34667 asks what is going on, Dune removes his leg shackles and tells him that she has a job for him. The inmate complies after the security droid threatens him with his stun baton.

Mayfeld follows Dune, asking where she is taking him. She leads him to the parked Slave I where he is greeted by Boba Fett and Fennec Shand. Mayfeld is relieved, having initially mistaken Fett for the Mandalorian Din Djarin. However, his elation is short-lived as Djarin descends down the ramp. Mayfeld asks Djarin if he has come to kill him. Dune replies that he needs to know is that she bent a lot of rules to bring him along. When Mayfeld asks why he is so lucky, Dune says that it is because he is ex-Imperial.

Mayfeld responds that was a long time ago. Djarin asks if he still knows Imperial clearances and protocols before the group walk up the plank. Seeing Dune and her companions as his only ticket offworld, he decides to accompany them aboard the Slave I. While seated in the passenger compartment of the Slave I, Djarin tells Mayfield that they need coordinates for Moff Gideon. Mayfeld thinks that is too difficult and asks to be taken back to the scrapyard.

Dune then explains that the Imperials have his “kid.” Mayfeld asks if she means the “little green guy” and Dune confirms this is the case. Mayfeld asks if they will let him go if he works for them. Dune says that this is not how it works and that he only gets a better deal. Mayfeld reluctantly agrees to help but says that he cannot get the coordinates unless he has access to an internal Imperial terminal. Mayfield thinks there is one on the planet Morak. Djarin believes Morak is empty but Mayfeld explains that the planet is home to a secret Imperial mining hub. Mayfeld promises to get them the coordinates if they get him there. Djarin tells Fett that they need to travel to Morak. Fett says copy that and takes the ship into space.

The Mandalorian Art by Ben Last

Mission on Morak

Later, an unmasked Fett meets with the others and explains that he did an initial scan of the planet and found a structure, which Mayfeld identifies as a refinery. Shand asks what they are refining in there. Fett thinks that they are refining rhydonium, which he describes as highly volatile and explosive. While Mayfeld reflects on the odds, Fett says that the Imperials have anti-aircraft cannons while Shand adds that the Imperials have a platoon of security forces protecting the mine. Fett says they will have to go in quiet.

The Slave I descends into the atmosphere of Morak, flying over forests. After landing, the group sight a passing Imperial juggernaut rolling through a dirt road. Mayfeld says that he is not going to need long inside and tells them that once he gets the coordinates, they will need to get him the “hell” out of the base. Fett tells Mayfeld to get to the roof so that he can do an aerial extraction. Dune says that Mayfeld and her will swap out for the drivers in the tunnel.

Mayfeld says that will not work because these Remnant bases are set up and run by ex-Imperial Security Bureau. If they get scanned and their genetic signature shows up on any New Republic register, they will be detected and targeted for elimination. Dune says that Mayfeld knows a lot about Imperial Remnants. Suspecting that Dune does not trust him, Mayfeld tells her to be honest. Djarin says that they don’t have time for arguments and proposes that Shand goes. Shand declines the offer since she is wanted by the ISB and will trip their alarm too. Djarin asks Fett but he says that Imperials will recognize his face.

Mayfeld proposes that he go alone but Dune does not trust him, believing that Mayfeld will betray them. Believing that it is not working, Dune decides to take the deal off and to bring Mayfeld back. Meanwhile, Djarin scans the juggernaut with his helmet and observers two pilots. Djarin decides to go but Mayfeld thinks that it will be hard to explain away a guy in Mandalorian armor to the Imperial guards. Mayfeld tells Djarin to take off his helmet or else he will go in alone or say good bye to his “little green friend.” Djarin responds that he is not going alone and reiterates that he is coming with him but won’t be showing his face.

The Mandalorian Art by Brian Matyas

Hijacking a Juggernaut

On the road, the first pilot of Juggernaut Five tells the Morak refinery that they are entering tunnel T-12. A female voice over the comm gives them the all clear since Juggernaut Four has exited the tunnel. As the juggernaut enters the tunnel, Djarin, Dune and Mayfeld land on top of the vehicle. Dune enters the cockpit and fights the two pilots, knocking them out. After stopping the juggernaut, Mayfeld and Djarin change into the guard’s uniforms. Mayfeld doesn’t wear the helmet but Djarin still covers his face. Dune quips that she wished she could say that the Imperial helmet and armor looked good on him but that she will be lying.

Djarin asks Dune to take out the rooftop turrets to ensure that they can get out of here. Dune promises to do so. Djarin also gets her to look after his armor. As Mayfeld climbs back into the juggernaut, he quips that he wishes that Dune was coming with them due to her shiny disposition. Mayfeld and Djarin fiddle with the controls and manage to get the juggernaut rolling. Mayfeld asks Djarin how it feels wearing the Imperial helmet.

Unable to see properly with helmet, Mayfeld decides to take it off and wonders how Djarin’s people see inside those helmets. Djarin chooses not to talk. As Juggernaut Five exits the tunnel, Shand watches from a hill above and informs Fett that they have completed phase one. Fett says he is standing by. Inside the juggernaut, Mayfeld says he feels better when it is off. While traveling through the jungle, they pass several wrecked juggernauts.

Over the comm systems, they hear a male voice telling the pilot of Juggernaut Four to watch the temperature of their rhydonium cargo and speed. The pilot says they hit a couple of bumps and thanks the controlling officer that he will be careful. Djarin reassures Mayfeld that as long as he drives steady, they will reach the refinery safely. As the juggernaut drives through a village, they see several local people including children, who gaze at the vehicle. Mayfeld remarks that the locals see both the Empire and New Republic as invaders.

Mayfeld remarks that someone somewhere is ruling the galaxy before asking whether those people who died in wars fought by Mandalorians had a choice. Mayfeld asks how the Mandalorians are different from the Empire, reasoning that people born and raised on Mandalore and Alderaan believe in different things. Mayfeld says that neither one of them exists anymore. Djarin remains silent. Mayfeld says that he is just a realist and survivor just like him.

Djarin responds that the two of them are nothing alike. Mayfeld remarks that Djarin’s rules start to change when he gets desperate. Mayfeld asks Djarin about his rule of not showing his face, whether it is because he cannot take off his Mandalorian helmet or because he cannot show his face. Djarin is silent. Mayfeld then adds that everyone is the same because they have lines that they don’t cross until things get messy. Mayfeld says that as far as he is concerned, as long as people can make it through their day and sleep at night they are fine.

The Mandalorian Art by Brian Matyas

The Pirate Attack

The pilot of Juggernaut Four reports that they are encountering some route interference over the comlink. Shortly later, they hear blaster fire before the juggernaut explodes in a fireball. The female control officer confirms that Juggernaut Four has been destroyed. She then tells Juggernaut Five to maintain their speed and course. As Mayfeld panics, they receive news on the comlink that Juggernaut Three has encountered trouble and exploded.

Passing the burning Juggernaut Three, Djarin and Mayfeld’s juggernaut is boarded by a group of waiting masked figures riding a repulsorlift craft. Watching through the camera, Djarin and Mayfeld realize that they are under attack from pirates. Djarin tells Mayfeld to drive while he climbs out and exchanges fire with the pirates. He shoots one and another falls off the vehicle. Mayfeld is incredulous that Djarin is shooting when they are carrying rhydonium.

One of the pirates attempt to plant detonators among some explosives but Djarin exits the top hatch and shoots him, causing him to trip over with the explosives into the path of the pirate repulsorlift, which is destroyed. Narrowly escaping a rhydonium explosion, Mayfeld says that he should have left him in prison. More alien pirates on a second repulsorlift jump on the juggernaut. Djarin manages to shoot one but soon runs out of blaster bolts.

As the remaining pirates charge, Djarin hurls the blaster at one of them and fights them with a staff. He throws one overboard and the pirate is crushed to death beneath the heavy wheels of the juggernaut. A second pirate damages Djarin’s armor but he also throws him between the wheels of the juggernaut and the pirate is crushed to death. Djarin dispatches the last pirate with a spear. As more pirates approach in the second repulsorcraft, Djarin tells Mayfeld to drive faster. However, Mayfeld is unwilling to risk igniting more rhydonium and slows the juggernaut down, allowing the pirates to catch up.

Djarin fights several pirates with a spear, knocking them off the juggernaut. Two of the pirates manages to pin Djarin down, allowing his companion to plant a detonator on the rhydonium before retreating. The juggernaut is pursued by two repulsorcraft. Djarin manages to break free, throwing one of them off the juggernaut and kicking the other off the vehicle. He grabs the detonator and throws into the path of the pursuing repulsorcraft, causing one of them to explode.

While Mayfeld struggles to slow the brakes down as they approach a bridge, more pirates on five repulsorcraft prepare to hurl grenades at them. As Djarin stands his ground, two TIE fighters arrive and strafe the pirate craft, incinerating them in a firestorm. As the juggernaut crosses the bridge, stormtroopers and shoretroopers advance on the surviving pirates, gunning them down.

The Mandalorian Art by Anton Grandert

Behind Enemy Lines

As Mayfeld drives the juggernaut into the refinery, several stormtroopers and shoretroopers salute them. Mayfeld salutes them back, saying he never imagined that he would be so happy to see stormtroopers. Dune and Shand watch from above. Inside the refinery, Mayfeld and Djarin are welcomed back as heroes by cheering miners and stormtroopers. Leading the way, Mayfeld believes that the network terminal is inside the officer’s mess.

Mayfeld walks inside the Imperial officers’ mess while Djarin waits outside. However, Mayfeld walks out after recognizing an officer named Valin Hess. Mayfeld fears that Hess recognizes him even though he was a field operative. Mayfeld wants to back out and abort but Djarin insists that they proceed since he wants to get back Grogu. Djarin suggests that Mayfeld give him the datastick but Mayfeld is skeptical of success. Mayfeld explains that in order to access the network, the terminal has to scan his face. Djarin convinces Mayfeld to give it to him.

Djarin walks inside the officer’s mess and logs into the network terminal. However, the computer doesn’t recognize because of his helmet. Djarin removes his helmet, allowing the scanner to scan his face. While searching for information about Gideon’s light cruiser, Valin Hess removes the datastick and demands to know Djarin’s designation. Djarin says he is a transport co-pilot but the officer demands to know his TK number.

Before Djarin can make up a number, Mayfeld claims that Djarin is his commanding officer “TK-593.” Mayfeld claims he is Imperial Combat Assault Transport Lieutenant TK-111. Mayfeld claims that Djarin sustained ear damage when his vessel lost pressure in Taanab. Hess asks what is his name mockingly. Mayfeld claims that he is called “Brown Eyes” before ushering Djarin away under the pretext of filling out TPS reports and recharging power coils. Hess reminds them that they have not been dismissed.

Confronting The Past

After “confirming” they were the tank troopers who delivered the rhydonium, he commends them for successfully delivering the shipment and invites them for a drink. Above the refinery, Dune tells Shand that they will have to take out the anti-air cannons in order to allow Fett to conduct an aerial extraction. Shand says this will not a problem and tells Dune to concentrate on the troopers while she takes out the weapons. Dune wonders what is taking Djarin and Mayfeld so long.

Hess serves Mayfeld and “Brown Eyes” drinks, asking them what they should drink a toast for. Mayfeld suggests drinking a toast to Operation: Cinder. The Imperial officer compliments Mayfeld for knowing his history but Mayfeld says that he lived through it on Burnin Konn. Hess recalls that was a “hard day” and that he had to make many “unpleasant” decisions. Mayfeld recalls that an entire city along with its inhabitants was destroyed during Operation Cinder. Mayfeld says that his entire division of five to ten thousand people was also wiped out.

Hess describes the lost division as heroes to the Empire. Mayfeld responds that they are all dead. Hess claims it was a small sacrifice for the greater good. Mayfeld disagrees, saying depends on who you ask. When Hess asks what he is getting at, Mafyeld asks whether it was good for those who perished as well as their families and his comrades. Mayfeld points out that civilians died defending their homes and fighting for freedom. He asks Hess if it was good for them.

Hess says that his side outlasted and quips that the survivors of Burnin Konn are “still eating themselves alive.” Hess remarks that the New Republic is in complete disarray while the Empire is growing stronger. Hess claims that the rhydonium they delivered is going to create havoc that will make Burnin Konn pale by comparison. He hopes that this crisis will cause people to turn to the Empire once again. Hess thinks that everyone wants order more than freedom and that people will welcome them back with open arms. Hess toasts the Empire but Mayfeld shoots him in the chest with a blaster pistol.

The Mandalorian Art by Brian Matyas


Mayfeld then proceeds to gun down a shoretrooper and several Imperial officers in the mess hall. Mayfeld then tells Djarin that he did what he had to do before handing him his helmet. He tells Djarin that he never saw his face. After Djarin dons his helmet, the two engage in a gun battle with Imperial officers and stormtroopers. The two escape out of the window, which overlooks a massive dam. A shoretrooper follows but Shand shoots him and a second one. While Mayfeld shoots another shoretrooper, Shand contacts Fett and tells him hey are ready for the pick up.

As Djarin and Mayfeld climb a ladder, Shand and Dune shoot Imperial troops trying to pursue them as well as the gunners manning the anti-air guns. Djarin and Mayfeld reach the top, eluding shoretroopers and stormtroopers. Fett hovers the Slave I adjacent to the top of the refinery, allowing Djarin and Mayfeld to jump aboard.

As they fly away from the facility, Mayfeld fires a cycler rifle at a parked juggernaut, igniting the rhydonium and causing a massive explosion that engulfs the refinery. Dune and Shand are impressed by Mayfeld’s marksmanship. Mayfeld tells Djarin that “we all have to sleep at night.” Two TIE fighters pursue the Slave I, prompting Fett to take evasive action. He releases a seismic charge which destroys the two TIE fighters. Dune and Shand watch from below.

Newfound Respect

The team reunite at a forest clearing. Mayfeld thinks that he is heading back to the scrap heap to serve his sentence. Shand walks past him. Having gained a new-found respect for his former foe, Djarin thanks Mayfeld for helping, and Mayfeld wishes Djarin good luck in “getting the kid back.”

Mayfeld then tells Dune that he is ready to return to continue serving his sentence. However, Dune is impressed by his marksmanship. Mayfeld admits that was not part of the plan and that he was trying to unload stuff from his chest. Gaining a new sense of respect for Mayfeld, she and Djarin concoct the story that he perished during the refinery explosion on Morak, so Mayfeld is allowed to leave as a free man. Dune asks Djarin if he managed to get the coordinates to Moff Gideon to which he replies that he did. Dune asks what their next move is, and Mayfeld watches as the Slave I departs the jungle-covered planet.

The Mandalorian Art by Brian Matyas

Djarin’s Ultimatum

Meanwhile, the comms officer informs Moff Gideon that they have received a transmission from Djarin. Repeating what Gideon said during the skirmish at Nevarro city, Djarin says, “Moff Gideon. You have something I want. You may think you have some idea of what you are in possession of, but you do not. Soon, he will be back with me. He means more to me than you will ever know.” Gideon watches grimly.


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