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Karthon Chop Fields

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Name: Karthon Chop Fields
System: Karthon
Starport Type: Landing Field
Traffic: Low
Control: New Republic
Landing: Dirt
Docking Areas: None
Docking Fee: None
Customs: Full
Services: Prisoner Transfer, New Republic Rations

Background: The Karthon Chop Fields was a location on Karthon where the New Republic sent prisoners to serve time, using prison labor to scrap old Imperial starships and other equipment. A model of mobile loading gantry was used to help move the materiel. During a rescue mission aboard the New Republic prison ship Bothan-Five, the crew of mercenaries led by Migs Mayfeld were left imprisoned aboard the vessel by the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin, who they had betrayed during the course of the mission. After the ship was located near the Dilestri system, Mayfeld was apprehended and sent to serve fifty years in the Karthon Chop Fields.

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