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FastFlesh Medpac

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Model: VioTech FastFlash Medpac
Type: Advanced medpac
Skill: First aid
Cost: 500
Availability: 2
Game Stats: Use the following difficulties for FastFlesh medpacs: Wounded 5, Incapacitated 10, Mortally Wounded 15

Game Notes: Can only be used once per day on a patient. Can be used in conjunction with regular medpacs. If used more than once per day, the character suffers a mortal wound in addition to the wounds he may already have incurred; this is usually fatal.

Background: A advanced medpac manufactured by BioTech Industries. It utilized a number of advanced synthetic biomedical chemicals such as BioTech’s Chromostring that allowed for deeper penetration of medicines into a patient’s body without causing nerve damage. The treatments in the FastFlesh medpac were so powerful that they could only be used once per day although other medpacs may be used complimentary.

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