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Species: Mylaya
Type: Medium-size forest creature
Planet of Origin: Kashyyyk

Dodge 6D
Hide 6D+2
Search 4D+1
Sneak 6D+2
Brawling 5D
Climbing/Jumping 7D

Special Abilities:
Claws: Do STR+2 damage.
Bite: Does STR+1D damage.
Senses: Mylaya possess exceptional keen senses of hearing and smell, and normally receive a +2D to all search or Perception rolls when applicable.
Intractable: Any non-Wookiee attempting to ride one of these creatures suffers a -3D penalty to his Beast Riding skill.

Move: 16
Size: 2.5-3.5 meters long

Background: Mylaya were a type of huge cat-like beast with wide, telescoping ears. They were fur-covered quadrupeds with thin tails that had bushy fur along the end portion of their length. The creatures’ fur could be red, green, or yellow in color, with darker stripes on their limbs and a lighter beard around their mouth, which had dark gray lips and two sharp teeth protruding from the lower jaw.

Mylaya’s also had two black eyes and a large flat nose. Their paws had three long, clawed toes with a fourth, smaller toe near the rear of the palm. They were capable of carrying a Wookiee and two armored adult humans in a saddle on their backs as they leapt and climbed through the trees of the forest planet Kashyyyk, chittering and shrieking as they went.

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