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Kinrath Netcaster

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Species: Kinrath Netcaster
Planet of Origin: Kashyyyk


Search: 5D

Special Abilities:
Infrared Vision: Kinrath Netcaster eyes can see into the infrared portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum. During periods of darkness, Netcaster can see with no penalties.
Stinger: Kinrath Netcaster’s have a large stinger that deals STR+1 damage, plus poison.
Poison: If a Kinrath Netcaster’s deals damage with its sting attack, the target is also poisoned. The target must make a Moderate stamina roll or suffer 2D+2 damage. The poison attacks each round until cured with a Moderate first aid roll.
Webs: Kinrath Netcaster’s have the ability to weave sticky snares and webs of 3D Strength.

Move: 10
Size: 2.2 meters tall

Background: Kinraths netcasters was a highly dangerous arachnid native to the homeworld of the Wookiee people, Kashyyyk. Their species was related to the Kinrath but slightly smaller and less aggressive. The average length of the netcaster would often be 75 centimeters. They would spin webs among the tall trees of their native environment which would trap their usual prey, namely the daubirds. When attacked or confronted by dangerous predators, the netcaster would use its highly venomous bite to protect itself.

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