Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Senators Found Gambling on Secessions

BASBIK, COLUNDA PRIME – Senators Char Bibbeck (Colunda Prime) and Jonas Wallen (Darlon) refused to comment after aides in each of their offices brought to light a “friendly game of numbers” between the two sector representatives. For the past year, the two Senators have been betting on the likelihood of specific planets seceding or stay in the Republic, transmitting communiqués to one another over the Senate’s data network. According to data-memos uncovered by the Senate, Bibbeck, and Wallen have together wagered over eight million credits total. “This sort of activity is disgusting,” said Senator Orn Free Taa (Ryloth). “If they’re shifty enough to wager on our crumbling union, then who’s to say where exactly those credits are coming from?”

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