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Chancellor Welcomes Bestine IV to the New Republic

HANNA CITY, CHANDRILA – The New Republic’s newest member, Bespin IV, plans to spend 2.3% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on defense next year, its defense service stated to HoloNet News. Chancellor Mon Mothma welcomed its newest member during a defense hearing in the Galactic Capital.

In Nelona, the New Republic’s member planets agreed to spend a minimum of 2% of their GDP on defense. Previously, the 2% target had been a goal to aim for over time, and only seven planetary governments met the target, according to the New Republic Senate.

Bespin IV joined the New Republic in Selona in a historic security policy U-turn in response to increases in Pirate attacks in the Outer Rim.

It said it planned to spend 6 billion credits ($6.48 billion), or 2.3% of its GDP, on defense, some 116 million credits less than the estimate in previous years.

Bespin IV’s defense spending has increased significantly in recent years, even before it became a New Republic member because it is replacing its aging fleet of Z-95 headhunters with the FreiTek Inc E-7 E-wing multi-role starfighter.

Bespin IV is also spending on military aid to neighboring systems, with the total value of its military equipment donations reaching 1.3 billion credits to ensure the safety of the Sector Hyperspace routes.

“From the point of view of the future security order of the Outer Rim and Bespin IV, it is a core issue that Outlaws and Pirates aggressive efforts can be dammed in the Outer Rim,” Defense Minister Anttiol Hakkanenal said in a statement to announce the latest donation.

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