Friday, June 21, 2024

PIXELITO, MALASTARE – Dug activists, demanding an end to Gran rule of their native Malastare and equal representation in the Galactic Senate, disrupted the funeral of Senator Aks Moe today. What was to be a reverent ceremony presided over by the higher echelons of the Gran Protectorate instead turned into an impromptu Podrace spectacle. Full Story >>

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Kabal Riots Quelled by Separatists; 4 Jedi Among the Dead

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On the Feeds Tonight:
ESSENCE — Interview with Gideon Tarkin
EWM213 – 2100
IN THE POLITICAL PIT — Tonight’s panelists RCLU Chairbeing Dotswa Ween, Actor Reridan Rekiss, Representitive Jar Jar Binks, and Recording Artist Gaeriala Boosin

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