Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Activists Deface Jedi Temple Lobby

JEDI TEMPLE, CORUSCANT – A mob of 20 university students attempted to infiltrate the Jedi Temple yesterday, managing to get as far as the Second Atrium Lobby before being handily contained by Jedi. Unharmed, the students shouted cries of “tyranny and oppression” and “free Baby Ludi” as they were delivered to Judicial holding pens.

At 0700 yesterday morning, a sociology tour group from the University of Coruscant entered the Temple’s public lobby. They then unleashed pre-programmed graffiti-bombs with such messages as “Broodsnatchers!”, “Baby Ludi Wants Her Mom,” “Justice, Peace & Kidnappings” and logos of the People’s Inquest movement in the polished interior.

Two younger Jedi Padawans attempted to contain the activists, but were unwilling to injure them with their brandished lightsabers. The unruly mob pushed into the Second Atrium when Jedi Masters Ki-Adi-Mundi and Plo Koon arrived.

“Disperse immediately,” commanded Koon. “You are likely to injure yourselves if you continue, and we do not want that to happen.”

“We will disperse immediately,” repeated the crowd, uniformly, “We are likely to injure ourselves if we continue, and you do not want that to happen.”

Jedi Padawans then affixed the students with hand binders, by which time Judicial officials arrived with a transport speeder. The students were loaded into the speeder, by which time the Jedi trance had worn off, and they again became agitated.

The Jedi Council has refused to comment on the disturbance.

Jonava Billane, currently reviewing the script of the upcoming holo feature of her story, was unavailable for comment, but her spokeswoman, agent, and leader of the People’s Inquest, Thrynka Padaunete, did field a call from HoloNet News.

“I salute those that continue our efforts. Remember, vigilance. Who watches the watchmen, I ask? I have to go. I have another call,” said Padaunete.

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